Tuesday 22 November 2016

Getting Me Ready For Winter

So much time and thought has gone into preparing the veg and fruit gardens for winter, preparing the livestock with health checks, getting in hay supplies and feeds, getting the log supply for the house done, stocking up the pantry, putting Flash into hibernation, I seem to have come bottom of the list again.
Now I am ready.
 4 pairs of nice long thick socks 
cant do with short thin ones in winter
 6 t-shirts to wear under jumpers, the rest of the year I wear vest tops, I have stacks of jumpers already.
 4 thick pairs of jogging bottoms, the ones I bought a few years ago are starting to wear a bit thin in parts, jeans I find are find too restrictive for everyday wear and when they get wet they are very cold.
All of the above came to £43 there was some new underwear as well but you don't need to see my knickers do you. Just plain black Bridget Jones types, no little fancy thongs here. 😁😳
Yesterday when we went to pick up animal feed I spotted this coat in farm supply shop
 I had looked at these earlier in the year at a show but didn't get one and being out in the rain yesterday reminded me, all my coats are of a shorter length I wanted a long one that will come down to my welly tops to keep that bit between wellies and thighs dry.
I went for a larger size so I can were it on top of a fleece jacket 
£33 I am more than happy. I do have waterproofs but it is a bit of flaff getting kitted out in them.
Talking of wellies 
The soles are not good for keeping out the cold 
 A couple of packs of these helps to keep the chill away.
Our lovely neighbours who we bought the land from popped around with welcome gifts for us, beer for Martin
Gloves for me
 I go through an awful lot of gloves in winter, a very welcome gift.
So I am all sorted now for under a £100 no designer stuff nothing from branded high street shops just practical clothes to see me through a couple of winters.
Bring it on I am ready. 😉😜

Friday December 3rd 1982
John did more paperwork, I finished off hedge by lawn and tipped rubbish in tip, pressure washed around the barn and yard.
Molly phoned they arrived in late evening.
Went to get some paint but shop closed at 4-30pm, to paint large white gate.
John gave Magic another dose of mixture and Bracken.


  1. You have read my mind! I've been looking for a coat that is long enough to keep me covered but flexible enough to work in. I also need something I can go to work and school in that is to keep clean as my home coats always get covered in something or other, not to mention their aroma which doesn't bother me other than to sit in the office haha. Great bargains there and you will be kitted out nicely to take you through to the warmer days again.

  2. Ooh you'll have cosy fingers and toes and everything in between! I agree with wellies not keeoing any warmth in; may treat myself to something similar for winter.

  3. Cold and wet is not good, I can't imagine anyone wanting to wear a thong.

  4. You are well kitted out........I had a coat like that when we started smallholding, was described as a walking tent!! and it was too heavy to wear for very long and I lost my wellies somewhere in the move last March - very odd

  5. I love the coat and have a similar one. I wear it caravanning, shopping. Anywhere really and the version I have is larger also to allow for layers. One of the best buys I have made. Catriona

  6. I hope that the waterproof coat doesn't need to earn it's keep ALL the time this winter, but then, you know Welsh winters . . . I have invested in a "woolley" lined Cotton Traders winter coat recently (it does warm the old loins too), and some waterproof trousers - though walking briskly in the latter will work up a lather, I am sure!

    I needed new wellies, and got some Hunter wellies at the car boot sale on Sunday for just £8, so well pleased. I won't say, bring it on winter, as it has already done that!

  7. Perfect clothes to get through winter, snug and practical xx

  8. I do need to get myself sorted for winter, although admitedly the winters here are a lot milder and much much shorter

  9. Love this coat, it looks perfect for the season! You are a lot more sensible than I am, I have not even got any cosy socks yet.....


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