Thursday 4 February 2016

They Lied .......

They said it should be fixed Feb 4th, guess what it isn't fixed
I am sitting down the pub again using there Internet
while eating Scampi and Chips
well it would be rude to come here and just use there Internet,
It saved me cooking something as well.

BT must have a bible of excuses that they dip into
I was told they have ordered the poles and cable and the engineers will be out on the 4th, LIE
My neighbour was told the engineer cant gain access to the fault because of flooding LIE 
My other neighbour was told they are waiting for permission from the government to erect temporary traffic lights LIE
I wonder what excuse they will come up with tomorrow. 

The Alpacas have improved tenfold, they are still being brought in at night although we haven't anything but the occasional shower for the past week.
Kara is doing well and is still on two bottles a day.
Chickens are all laying well.
Goats still haven't kidded, although Connie didn't seem herself today so perhaps this it the start.

I gave them a good clean out again today and cleaned out the Alpaca area
I have been doing a bit of tidying in the garden as the weather has been fairly mild.
I am so glad we didn't choose N.Wales a terrible wet area and I should think depressing.
Sol and me have had a few long walks fetching greenery for the goats, poor old boy is tired out.

Here is a short video of the Alpacas humming before bedding down for the night 

will be back soon take care everyone.


  1. what a pain for you :( i know all about bloody lying workmen lol
    am pleased the alpacas are doing well , especially little Kara :) xx

  2. Glad to hear that the livestock are all doing well! xx

  3. The bastards always lie!!!

    Glad your alpacas are doing better though and that youa re still alive.

  4. Yup, PP's right with THAT comment. We have had SUCH shennanigans with them in the past and only hope we can bypass them for phone services etc when we do move. They have a long list of excuses to summon up. Be prepared to be without a good bit longer. Make a note of everything you are told, the name of the person you are speaking to, time and date and duration of calls etc. From One Who Knows . . .

    As for rain in Wales, we're not THAT far away from Tregaron and that has a HUGE BOG!!! Mind you, we do seem to have been on the edge of the recent weather fronts and they have hit higher up.

    Fingers crossed there may be a little goatling to come and visit soon.

  5. Bt are terrible for it. In fact all phone companies are. I remember when I lived with my parents they said we couldn't have broadband because they'd checked the exchange and it wasn't possible. Spoke to an engineer who then went out there and he said it was obvious that it hadn't been touched in a long time.

  6. Thanks for squeezing in a quick post and glad everything with the animals is going so well at least. BT really need to give themselves a kick up the behind!! How frustrating for you all :(

  7. Oh I love their humming, so funny. Why do they do it?

  8. How frustrating! Hope it's back up and running soon! Have a nice weekend Dawn :) x

  9. BT not funny, but the herd are...thanks for sharing. Xxx

  10. We cancelled our landline company last year and subscribed to a broadband company who fitted a dish on to our cable for a monthly subscription and installation fee.

  11. You'll have to bill BT for your meals LOL. I'm missing you and all the things you get up to on your lovely farm. Hope its all bak to normal soon.

  12. My Friends live at the foot (almost) of Snowden, they recently got re-connected after weeks of wrangling!
    Hang in there caller!

  13. Oh, BT must lead the market in lying. Our landline and Internet failed in December - the lies were amazing:"an area issue - will be back tomorrow". When the engineer turned up 6 days later, I asked whether many houses had been affected - just us, apparently!


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