Thursday 25 February 2016

Moles And Holes

Thanks for all the suggestions regarding BT, the MP was contacted last week, he is looking into it,
The local newspaper has also been contacted this week,
Face book and twitter and other social media sites connected to BT have been posted on,
 We have been in touch with the CEO of BT,
 also we have been hassling Open Reach who are responsible for the line and doing the work.

Needless to say it is all falling on death ears.
We are also looking into an alternative set up.

Anyway life goes on I will try and blog a couple of times a week,
at the moment I am writing my post in the evening when I have time
then I can pop down to the shop sit outside connect to there Internet and upload.
I can occasionally pick up my e-mails through GPRS on my phone but it very often shows no service,
so please don't think I am ignoring you if your comment doesn't appear for a few days.

Back to the homestead, last week was a hectic week of visitors and not much got done
Lots of cuddling of the baby goats and giving Kara her bottle, 

Kara comes looking for a bottle every time she sees us now.
I am trying to wean her on to the Alpaca supplement that she needs,
The supplement is small pellets so I am soaking it overnight to turn it into mush and adding it to her bottle
reducing the powder milk, it smells like weetabix I had to make the hole bigger in teat but she is now getting it.
The supplement provides them with minerals that are essential to them that they cant get through grazing in the UK.

The Goats have now moved into there new house,

The kids are all doing well
we have a compound area set up outside the house at the moment they are restricted to that space
This week end we will make sure all the perimeter fence of there new field is secure
we are also running some electric fencing around the top.
They can then have access to the whole paddock

I am starting on the next stretch of willow hedging,
I cut back all the willow planted last year and I am using the cuttings for the next stretch of hedging.
After poo picking the Alpacas, its taken up to hedge and is being spread along the fence line in readiness for planting
While up there I fill the wheel barrow with mole hills

Sol likes to investigate any holes uncovered

The soil is then taken back and added to the raised beds.

I do the same when I go and collect a barrow of brambles for the goats.
No point in bringing back an empty barrow.

We had a disagreement with the Chimney sweep, he came out start of the month I got him out a month earlier than we had arranged
as I was having an issue with smoke coming from the Rayburn
I don't really like the fella he is one of those who has been everywhere and done everything
anyway I left him with Martin to clean the chimney after he left we lit the Rayburn and for a couple of days it was all OK
then I got up one morning and the kitchen was full of smoke
Got hold of the sweep again and he couldn't return for 5 days
so no heating and hot water
Martin bought a set of brushes and set about clearing a blockage he found

The sweep returned 5 days later and showed him the blockage that was removed

Not even an apology he just shrugged it off
Needless to say he was sent away with his tail between his legs and will not be returning
Martin will now do the chimneys himself, since Martin did the chimney we have not had any problems.

Not having any Internet frees up a lot of time and lots of little jobs are getting done
and lots of books are being read
I will try and put a book page up when I do my next post.
The weather has been lovely this week,
lots of blue sky and sunshine during the day and good frosts at night.

Be back soon with more news.


  1. You are SO organized and very up to speed with all the jobs that need doing. Mind you - no distractions right now! I will try and get up to see you in the next couple of days. We need to have a revamp of the Unit so we're about to disappear into the Junk Room of Doom to have a sort out. Glad that Kara is thriving, and the goats are all outside now and will soon have the field to themselves to scamper round in.

    I don't blame you for getting rid of the useless chimney sweep - another skill under your belts!

  2. Hi Dawn. With me also being out of touch due to, now we know, a nasty virus thing on our laptop I am catching up with people. So sorry to hear about the BT situation. Being out in the middle of nowhere you really feel it when you cannot keep in touch with people, don't you. Although I was about to throw the laptop in the bin last night when it played up again after we thought it was fixed. Properyly fixed now. We are getting a phone mast up and running near to us at the end of the month I think but to be honest I really don't care. I have a new tarrif on the landline now which means I can use the phone for admin things in the day time, laptop is working and I have What's App on my mobile. More commnuication with the outside world than I can be bothered with really, but I did miss not seeing what is happening in my part of blogland. Our weather has been glorious this week, too, if a little frosty some days so can't complain.xx

  3. Wow! You've had a lot of troubles lately. Thank goodness for baby goats- a bright spot!

  4. Glad your doing OK, the goats look great. Martin can turn his hand to most things as can you.

  5. Lovely to hear from you. Its brilliant that you two can turn your hand to anything. Well done. Tx

  6. I love your ingenuity with those supplements Dawn and making the teat bigger to get them into Kara. Clever - glad she has adapted to life without her mum - I don;t suppose she remembers her now.
    Good luck with getting a connection soon. Also am full of admiration for your own chimney sweep - I am sure you are proud of him for sorting out the problem a professional didn't spot.

  7. I did wonder about the plus side of not having internet. I sometimes feel I would get much more done without Internet! Glad to hear everything is progressing well on the smallholding. You are lucky to have such a handy husband! :)

  8. You certainly do keep busy. I hate it when complaints fall on deaf ears - so annoying. Makes you wonder what they use their ears for? To hold up their hat? Glad the problem in the chimney was fixed and you are warm and safe.

  9. Hope BT gets sorted out soon...I am missing reading your blogs, although I would agree that when there is no internet connections one does seem to have a lot more time to do other things!

  10. Hi Dawn

    Nice to see you posting again. Have missed you. Glad Kara is thriving and "getting it" bless her cottons. Lovely that you have kids too. Always full of fun. Hopefully BT will get their act together soon. Good on Martin for sorting the chimney and glad you have given the "Sweep" the brush! I have not been on the Internet much in the past month or watching much TV either. Been pottering. Collecting some seeds together as well. Take care




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