Sunday 29 March 2020

Watch Out There Is AHumphrey About.

12 weeks and counting, 
12 weeks or 3 months or 84 days or quarter of a year, however you look at it, its a long time to be at home away from fellow human beings. The Welsh government are saying it might be extended to 16 weeks for people like me, high risk, elderly etc 
I have Martin here and my son and grandson, staying in touch with female friends on group chats and family has become an important part of life.
I am lucky I have space I have fields I have the forest to wander around, I have plenty here to keep me busy.
I know only make a point of watching the news in the morning with a cuppa and then catching the evening news, I was finding watching and listening to the news too much, the numbers rising was upsetting a constant reminder I might never see my children grandchildren family and friends again and I was having panic attacks. When your out there in the sunshine pottering about or enjoying some fresh air and the views it’s hard to believe what is going on in the world.
This is Humphrey, he is 21 months old and Martin collected him yesterday, his previous owners were having to off load stock since losing there jobs they couldn’t afford the upkeep, while Martin was there he was in the queue of livestock being collected calves sheep lambs, very sad that they were having to sell off there stock 
Humphrey will be joining our water buffalo boys, and is earmarked for meat later in the year. 
The Alpacas love this weather all fluffed up and clean 
They have come through the wet winter fine

And are looking in great shape 
As the water buffalo are enclosed for winter, they are too heavy footed for the wet fields, the Alpacas have had the freedom of the buffalos fields and the wooded copse areas.
All the brush wood from logging is getting chipped up straight into the growing areas to replenish some areas that are wearing thin.
The biscuit tin was empty and grandson decided to make some from a WW1 recipe he found going through my books, he thought the recipe was appropriate to the times we are in now.
They are very much like a flapjack and were quickly devoured I now need to do some more baking.
I haven’t done much crafting just lately as my mind has been else were and I have found concentrating difficult, I am now trying to get back into it, as craft fairs and events are all cancelled for the foreseeable future I am looking into setting up a web site and might take this route in the future rather than go to events.
I have had a bit of windfall and going to invest it in setting up a new crafting venture.
 More on that as it comes together. 
Take care everyone. 


  1. This is such a lovely and positive post, despite your understandable worries, it's cheered me up no end - thank you very much.

  2. I try to stay away from the news, we watch at 6pm, it's just so surreal in these strange times. I find it very hard as our grandsons live less than 30mins drive, but we can't see them, video calls are not the same.

  3. Glad you're surviving across there Dawn. I like the look of Humphrey - from a distance. If he were mine I would feel sad he was going for meat - I know from our farming days it is best not to get attached to any animal otherwise it hurts when they go off to the abattoir.

  4. Humphrey definitely looks like a big beast, He'll make a huge amount of meals. So nice that you have your son and grandson there with you and lots of land to roam around.

  5. Looking good!

    Could you tell me what sort of machine you use for chipping up brushwood, please?

    - Kate


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