Wednesday 1 April 2020

It’s A Busy Time Of Year

No matter what is going on in the world and as devastating as it is life has to carry on, here at Stickle Tarn it’s doing just that.
20 little fluffy Light Sussex chicks joined our little farm the other day, I have been wanting Light Sussex birds for some time, they are a dual purpose bird, we are going to raise them for meat and eggs they will replace our mix of chickens as they are getting on now.
We have done Ross Cobbs for a few years now a fast growing commercial breed with ferocious appetites, now we want to try with something a bit more slow growing that we can breed from.
 The other month I got a Kumquat tree to add to my citrus collection, it came laden with fruit 
The fruit has now been used for a Kumquat Liqueur, should be ready for some parties when this is all over and things start getting back to normal, the fruits will be dipped in chocolate as a nice tasty treat.

My grandson salvaged an old sign and repurposed it for the end of the drive 
Then made me a stand to put eggs out on as we have a bit of a glut from the ducks and chickens at the moment 
I have been adding herb plants 
Seed trays greenhouse sundries 
Packets of seeds
For the locals to buy when passing
It’s going really well, over the coming weeks I will put out veg plants and then any surplus veg we have.
One of the ducks had to be culled yesterday as she had a ruptured prolapse so crispy duck is on the menu for this week.
Yesterday was a great day for the Buffalo Mamas

Time to turn them out after a winter indoors 
Lily had a great time yomping  around the field the two mamas are heavily in calf so there wasn’t much leaping around from them, Lavender is starting to bag up so it won’t too long before she calves.
We have given them the run of the gorse field which they enjoy using for a good scratch.
The boys will all be turned out later this week and Humphrey will go up to join them.
End of there winter lock down. 


  1. Nature is totally ignoring the human pandemic, its so strange how most of us have made so many drastic changes, and yes nature is bursting into life.

  2. The sign is great Dawn!

    I have never had a real taste for kumquats - what else can one use them for?


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