Monday 23 March 2020

Spring Is Here

Spring has arrived, the fields have dried up, buds are breaking on the trees, dandelions are opening up and the bees are flying.
In preparation for lambing which is due to start in a few weeks for us, we have now completed a new area to bring those mums to be
A shelter and paddock next to the house has been put together, so no trekking across fields at night and we have a camera that covered this are too. 
The poly tunnels are starting to fill with lots of new veg 
I love getting all the seeds on the go and growing our own food is paying off in times like this, we are still harvesting broccoli, cabbage, celery, carrots, Swiss chard, Corriander oregano thyme watercress, beetroot.
We are just getting to end of what was stored from last years harvest, onions I have about 20 left, the leeks I have just shredded up to go into the freezer
There is about 16 jars of tomatoes in the store cupboard along with other bottled and canned goods.
No shortage of food here and not having to depend on the shops.
Next rainy day will see us doing inventories of the freezers and store cupboards.
We have lots of new arrivals due soon, lambs, kids buffalo calves.
We have also got arriving Chicks, Piglets and it looks like another buffalo is also joining us. 
More on all that as it happens. 
There are advantages of being in isolation for 12 weeks 
All those long awaited jobs get done
The garden will be blooming as there is time to get it organised
There is no dashing about trying to get things done
I am not off out doing craft fairs 
I might even get my online selling platform up and running.
De cluttering is happening
Housework is up to date
Unfinished  projects are being done
Books are being read.
Of course there is lots of disadvantages
My income has dropped to zero
The Plant and seed swap is cancelled
Craft fairs are cancelled 
I don’t see any one 
I don’t see the world past the end of the drive way
The local garden Center is having a sale of plants and I can’t go.
Never mind there is always next year .
Stay Safe Stay at Home. 


  1. How lovely to bea elf sufficient particularly at this time.Which crafts are you going to tackle next?

  2. So nice to see pictures of springs arrival. Here we are still pretty darn cold and real spring is fairly distant.

    God bless.

  3. Dawn, I suspect for many that the enforced stay at home will result in a lot of heretofore items being attended to.


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