Wednesday 25 March 2020

It’s All Started

Early hours yesterday morning or first lamb of the year arrived
She is a little beauty, 
After breakfast we got mum and lamb moved down to the new safe paddock next to the house. Were there is plenty of grass for mum as well.
Just need some friends for her to play with now.
Harvested a load of sprouting broccoli yesterday to go in the freezer, as with the sunshine it will run to seed, 
 The stalks all get shared out between the goats who are desperate for greens this time of year.
Fresh nutritious greens are on the go fo us to have with lunches in the form of sprouting seeds
And anything we don’t eat the chickens just love.
Had a few new books arrive this past week rainy day reading

I am so glad we don’t have to depend on the shops for food here, that must be such a worry for families 
The freezers are well stocked along with the cupboards

Last night it was haddock fillets done in a beer batter made from Martins home brew, with chips and peas, potatoes are bought in I buy in a big sack to see us through until we are harvesting again they make lovely chips and peas are home grown what we have in the freezer. 
Of course you can’t have fish and chips without tartar sauce. 


  1. Extra busy time coming for you both, but nothing nicer than seeing lambs in a field, glad you are self supporting and have no need to leave your bit of heaven.

  2. We are hoping to eventually buy a smallholding in Shropshire / Wales when we eventually get out of France. The love of growing our own food is still very much with us, and it was Brexit which stopped us from continuing with our farm here in SW France. Reading your blog has reminded me of the joys of self sufficiency!

  3. Looks beautiful. A good reminder that self-sufficiency, although difficult at times, brings its own rewards.

  4. What wonderful reading material. I am sure the books will come in very handy.

    God bless.


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