Wednesday 3 January 2018

Has He Done IT

Today our loan Billy Treacle went home, fingers crossed he has done the job and springtime will see us with new kids on the block, he got to share a Christmas tree with the ladies before he left
This is the first of 5 trees I have been offered from locals. I pick the others up later in the week.

The poly tunnel has been cleaned and tidied up ready to go again 
 we still have some winter salad leaves in the tunnel 
which went lovely with grated carrot and some red onions from the store 

The citrus trees down the middle are still doing well and the orange trees are laden with fruit 

 We have 18 oranges in total and they are just starting to change colour, as well as fruit the trees coming back into flower again.
 using up some leftovers in the kitchen a lovely smoked salmon quiche went down well with salad

 A Chicken hot pot was put together when we have new year visitors
followed by lemon meringue  pie
I got a good bargain in the sales on line, Mucker boots with a voucher for £30 and free delivery the same as the ones Martin bought me  couple of months ago for £110 these will be put away until needed.
Anyone else managed to get some good sale bargains ? 



  1. Hi Dawn :) I'm SO envious of your fresh salad greens!!! Lovely! And that pie too! :)
    I laughed when I got to your blog. My sidebar has the titles of blog posts and when I realized what "IT" meant, it made me giggle...good job (hopefully) Treacle!! :)

  2. Almost every year now I get Amazon gift cards for Christmas. I make it a game to see how far I can stretch the gift cards and how many items I can get.

  3. Fresh salad bits looks lovely so does that lemon meringue my favourite.

  4. That's a cracking deal on the boots. Ste had those until they got a hole in, but they were the best ones so far and last a few years before they gave in. Happy new boots :)
    I'm doing the polytunnel tidy out this weekend and thinking about putting the broad beans that are 10/15cm high in the ground in there.
    Hoping you get fit and healthy kids next year. Our first lambs for us hopefully too. When will they be due? Your cooking skills are amazing by the way! Looks divine

  5. I can't wait to see if there are some babies on the exciting.

    Nothing I need in the sale and nothing I want in the stuff that is on sale so I am saving me pennies.

  6. Please can yuo tell me how to grow citrus in the seat oof the uk, I have an unheated greenhouse. I have tried a couple of times and failed miserably. Yours look so health, it makes me green wit envy. Thanks

  7. Well fed and spare's looking good x

  8. What a deal on the boots!! The quiche and pie look delicious. Hope that Treacle did the dead!!

  9. All that food looks delicious Dawn. As for sale bargains - fraid not. Earlier in the season I saw a coat I loved. It was £200 and of course I told myself I didn't need it. This week it came up in the sale for £79 and so I went on line to buy it - only to find it was only available in very small or extra large. The story of my life really.

  10. Hi Dawn, haven't been by for what seems like forever! Been under the weather for some time but I'm back pushing through this very snowy winter here in New England.

    Gosh, all those yummy dishes sound so enticing!

    Hope your new year is off to a bang of a start.

    Hugs for now from your friend across the pond in New Hampshire...


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