Sunday 21 January 2018

The Long Post The Longest Week.

Long Post 
January is turning into a rotten month for us here on the ranch,
Last week-end  the geese were taken by a fox
I really miss them they were such characters, always pleased to see you and very good at alerting you if there was some-one about.
Replacement geese are on the list.
Tess is fine and made an excellent recovery, she had all her staples out, she is back to her normal self, the vet was astounded that she made such a great recovery, they really didnt think she would make it, the look on there faces when she walked in for her check up was priceless.
She was really good at the vets at stood patiently while the vet lay on the floor underneath taking out staples, its impossible to get hey lay down if she doesn't want to and when she does she rarely exposes her underneath.
Saturday afternoon last week end saw us moving the buffalo calf, we suspected he was being bullied by the bigger ones.
he didnt want to walk on a halter, so Martin fetched the livestock trailer and we got him loaded up

 Off we went Martin driving the quad towing the trailer me walking manning gates, we get to the first gate way and the trailer slid sideways in the mud and jammed itself in an awkward position between the gate post and the boundary fence, we couldn't move it forward or backwards and to top it we had a puncture
we set about digging out the post it was one of the new ones that went in a few moths ago, it was about 2 foot underground and concreted at the base, it was now raining and getting very cold, 
eventually the post was out
On the move again thank goodness all I wanted to do was get back get dry and warm, next gate way and the quad and trailer decided to bury themselves in the mud and there was no way they were moving, 

 after several attempts and failing to move we got out the winch which pulled us forward but not enough to get out of the mud and we trying to go up a slope, then the winch gave out,
next step was to fetch the tractor to try and pull us out
Again we started moving forward but the tractor wheels were slipping in the mud, so with pushing pulling digging out eventually we were out of the mud and headed home to get Frasier set up in his own warm pen and to get warm and dry ourselves.
This past week saw Fraiser settle into his new home, he enjoyed getting brushed down each day and was a happy little chappie, we decided to make a new home for him near the house and made arrangements to collect another calf to keep him company,
Friday morning he seemed a bit off we got the vet out to check him over we didn't want to be bringing in another calf if he was unwell, the vet couldn't find anything wrong, but gave him a shot of vitamins and a shot of antibiotics in case there was an infection brewing some where. 
Friday night as I was going to bed there was a massive bang outside, I sent Martin to check on Frasier, I go re-dressed and went outside Martin was with Frasier and I could hear the commotion, Frasier was having a full blown seizure, his legs were thrashing all over the place, it was unsafe to go into the pen with him, I phoned the emergency vets to come out, all we could do was watch and wait, when he calmed enough we got straps around him and move him to a better position, it was just seizure after seizure, the vet arrived gave him a sedative to calm him down, gave him magnesium in case it was staggers, he still wasn't calming so another shot of sedative was given, more antibiotics steroids vitamins minerals, the vet threw everything at him, then all we could do was watch and wait with him all night.
Saturday morning the vet came out again the blood tests showed nothing, Frasier is still out cold he was given more antibiotics and steroids in case it was a infection of the brain, we spent Saturday syringing water with molasses into him, Sunday morning there is no change. 
Its not yet decided were we go from here but the outcome dosent look good.
Its been a difficult couple of weeks, we are both very tired and feel drained, but you just have to carry on. 








  1. Oh my lord Dawn. What a weekend for you and Martin. So sorry about the geese. I'm impressed you had the energy to bother taking photos of the proceedings. Hope there is some better news about Frasier.

  2. Living your lifestyle, the lows can be so bad, and so many coming together. I stopped keeping chickens back in 70's after a fox attack, they destroy every bird they see. I hope the calf pulls through, your problems are always on cold wet times, just to make everything as bad as it can get.
    I am so pleased Tess is better, it must have been very pleasing at the vets, all she needs now is to grow in strength, as much as she can.

  3. What an awful lot of bad happenings one on top of the other. all horrible. So sorry about the calf but glad Tess is on the mend. HATE foxes.

  4. Wonderful news about Tess but devastating news about the geese and Frasier. I do hope he pulls through the poor little mite.
    Hugs to you both-x-

  5. Oh Dawn, it's times like this that are so discouraging, especially when there doesn't seem to be logical reasons for what's going on. Just know that you've got a world of folks out here in blogland, all rooting for you.

  6. Great news about Tess, but I am so sorry to read about Frasier and losing the geese. You have had a very rough week.

    God bless.

  7. So sorry to hear about the geese & poor Frasier. I hope he pulls through.
    Glad to hear that Tess has amazed everyone by pulling through, hope she continues to impress.
    Take care.

  8. Sounds like a really shit week Dawn, I hope January is the blip in the year for you. Keeping everything crossed in hope x

  9. What a terrible couple of weeks you've both had, other than the fantastic news about Tess's miracle recovery. I hope Frasier gets through whatever it is. You sound like you both need a holiday (is a holiday ever possible when you have so many animals?).

  10. Oh Dawn what a rotten start to the new year. I hope Fraiser makes a full recovery like Tess did. You and Martin deserve some luck you work incredibly hard.

  11. That's awful Ma'am. I get that predators getting prey is part of nature, but it always bother me when happens to fowl for some reason - lost some quail the same way.

    Hope Frasier will be up and better.

  12. Hoping for a full recovery for Frasier, glad Tess made it and you two take care of each other. Life throws us curveballs sometimes for no reason. Sorry about the geese, darned foxes!!

  13. What a terrible start to the year for you. I hope that Fraiser starts to improve and so glad to hear about Tess.

  14. Just awful Dawn. Very few words can be offered but if anyone can get through you guys can. Stay strong and I’m so pleased Tess pulled through


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