Sunday 31 December 2017

Adventure Before Dementia

2017 saw us having lots of adventures
Martin has been home more that has been our biggest change making such a difference.
Our 4 little porkers
 Filled the freezer and got made into lovely hams 
Tess our podgy chocolate pudding joined the family
Became slimmer of the year and is now enjoying her golden years. We had lots of new kids on the block

 but sadly had a loss as well
 we had our first attempt at raising some meat birds for the table
They grew into fantastic birds and have fed us well.

 Accommodation for visitors
 and lots of cook outs were enjoyed
 New equipment purchased to make life easier
 Lots of success with milking
 Starting up a flock of rare breed sheep
 The cut flower garden provided an abundance of flowers for the house.

 The new goat house got built and had electricity put in.
 A foray into keeping geese
 Martin got his boat
 The growing area has been cleaned up with a mat of wood chip
 Our latest adventure sees the addition of water buffalo.
2017 has certainly been an adventure,
 so what will 2018 bring, some plans are in the making and some events are on the calendar.
Goats will fingers crossed be kidding again,
Water buffalo will be calving
Geese will start breeding
More meat birds will be raised
Lambs will join us
Weaner pigs will arrive
Alpacas Kara and Imogen will go to meet a boyfriend.
A bio fuel willow copice will be started
Aquaponics will be set up in the poly tunnel.
Hay will be made.
I am looking forward to lots of adventures in 2018 while mind and body still allows. 
Our 2018 phrase is Adventure before Dementia 


  1. Stunned, your post was as hard to read as it took for you to write it. You both have done so much this year, can’t wait for you to post your adventures.

  2. You have certainly have a mountain of achievements to your credit. All that AND all the crafting you do too. Well Done and all the best for 2018.

  3. Wonder Woman needs to take some lessons from you Dawn. Here's hoping for a fantastic 2018 for you both.

  4. Well done. Looking forward to reading your new adventures.

    God bless.

  5. Looking forward to reading about all of your new adventures.
    Wishing you a very happy and exciting 2018.

  6. Enjoy all the adventure of 2018, look forward to reading

  7. Here's to an equally busy 2018 for you xx

  8. Some great memories of 2017 and all our best wishes to you, Dawn, and Martin for 2018.

  9. Dawn, I really enjoyed your recap. Joys, some sadness...but overall you seemed to have a wonderful year! Let's hope for little to NO dementia!! :) All the best for 2018! :)

  10. What an amazing and busy year you had and things don't look like they'll slow down any in 2018! Wishing you all the best and good health in 2018!

  11. All the best for every adventure you come across and plan in 2018

  12. Just a few bits then DawnπŸ˜‚ I am in awe of both you and Martin. You are obviously a completely professional team who work hard. Long may it continue. Tx

  13. Congratulations on a great year. Looking forward to following your 2018. Enjoy :)

  14. Wow what an exceptional year. We managed a moderate crop of spinach, some blighted potatoes and radishes, however my helpers are still only toddlers! Have a great 2018!


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