Wednesday 22 November 2017

New Boots and Worms

Wellies I go through about 2 pairs a year they always seem to split in the same place across the top.
I live in wellies and they are very much part of my daily wardrobe but there is nothing worse than getting a wet sock.
Its only the left foot that splits.
so new boots were on the shopping list this week.
I have never had such an expensive pair before £110
but they come highly recommended by other small holders that live in there boots.
Warm and comfy with a good guarantee best of all they keep my feet dry.
We have had a week of popping out a lot,  Monday we had to stock up on animal feeds and get my boots, we then had to drop poo samples from the goats, alpacas and sheep into the vet for them to do a fecal egg worm count.
Instead of just doing routine worming now the vet recommends doing egg counts  and only worming those that need it.
Results were in on Tuesday, only the goats and sheep needed worming and both needed a different wormer. I collected it today and worming will be done on Friday.
I much prefer it this way than dosing up animals unnecessary, it also helps to prevent the worms becoming immune to treatment if its only used when needed.  
Yesterday the Alpacas all had there vit D injections something that has to be done because of the short days we have in winter. They will get there next lot in a couple of months. 
Tomorrow we are off out again, on a visit to another farm, something we are looking into adding to our small holding, more on that after the visit with photo's. 
But I will give you a clue they are black and have four legs.



  1. I adore your boots and have boot envy :D I agree with your new method for worming, it's what my English vet recommended.
    Am I right in thinking you may be getting some little squeakers? xx

  2. "Both needed a different wormer" argh!!! I very much agree with your vet about fecals and wormers. We're getting a building resistance on this side of the pond so I'm taking a serious look at alternatives.

    Love your new boots! They something that is definitely worth the investment. I don't wear mine everyday, but they are invaluable when I need them.

    I guess pigs!

  3. Never regret spending money on a decent pair of boots. When you are wearing them all the time you get your money's worth. X

  4. Love those new boots.

  5. My hubby wore his out in a year. But then he's rough on footwear in these hills.


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