Sunday 19 November 2017

Been So Neglectful

Yes I have been neglecting my blog and the blogs I follow, time just runs away with me.
So here is a whirlwind catch up.
 They Hyacinth bulbs have been set, put away some-where dark and cool to grow quietly and slowly then they will be brought indoors to flower and fill the living room with there lovely scent.
 The chimneys have been cleaned with in an inch of the lives ready for all those warming fires this coming winter.
 Throughout the summer I have been drying beans pulses and some peas, all oddments were mixed together in a big jar
 a couple of cup fulls left to soak over night
added to some home made chicken stock, home cured bacon, fried until its starting to crisp, chopped celery carrots onions and garlic from the garden, a good dollop of home made tomato puree
 and big pan of bacon and bean soup is there for a warming filling lunch on chilly days
along with some home made bread followed by lemon curd cake.
 winter time is Rose Hip syrup time,
 This batch is dark in colour because its made with dried berries, but just as tasty.
 I had a birthday last week, Martin gave me my first shot gun, I got my license earlier in the year.
 Had a go at some target shooting and hit 11 out of 12.
 we have had an unexpected visitor turn up, manky sheep with a dodgy leg, she isn't in brilliant shape and arrived one misty morning on her own unannounced, I have notified her owner but there is no sign of them coming to collect her.
 Another job completed all of the vegetable growing area has now been wood chipped, making it a nice clean tidy area and fairly weed free.
 A friend came over this afternoon for a lesson from Martin on dispatching and dressing a chicken, another couple of meat birds were done, coming in at 3kg and 4kg, ours is in the oven and Adrian took his home to have another day.

I have been very busy with craft fairs, I think I have another 4 to do this year. 
That's the update and once again  sorry for the neglect.


  1. I don't know how you manage to fit so much in anyway. You are both amazing. I hope the craft fairs go well for you. Thank you once again for the lovely Christmas tree card. I will post it on my blog soon.

  2. You don’t get to choose your down side, always busy, glad you are all OK

  3. With all that you do, I am surprised you still find time to blog at all!

    I thought for the moment that the sheep was for target practice!!! I assume it's come down off the mynydd as the blue is their mark (their rams are blue ALL OVER I noticed when I passed by the other day).

    You've been busy in the kitchen. It's many years since I last made rose hip syrup. It's lovely on ice cream.

  4. I don't think Lester will let me have a shotgun...I'm having enough difficulty with getting him to let me use the electric chainsaw!
    Nice to see what you are up to. Your life is full of interest, as mine is. I think we are both very lucky.

  5. Ha, two of BB's comments made me laugh as just what I thought about little time to blog and the sheep!! Veg area looks great as does your craft fayre stall.

  6. You're making me hungry with that soup :D The shotgun comment about target practice followed by the picture of the ewe suggested to me that you'd been using her as a target, lol :D

  7. I had a go with Andy's shotgun when he took up shooting again....and once was enough for
    Busy, busy, busy as always Dawn. I love to catch up with what you are up to.

  8. Heavens you are busy! I wish I had time and space for growing my own food but the occasional bread loaf and cheese will do for now.

  9. You are a very busy lady. I am interested in the rose hip syrup.... How do you make it and what is it used for?

    God bless.

  10. A very fun catch up post. I like your idea of saving oddments of dried beans in one jar and them making soup. Sounds really hearty and warming! Congratulations on your birthday! And 11 out of 12! Well done! I would be interested in the recipe for the rose hip syrup too.


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