Friday 24 November 2017

Joining The Ranch

In a few weeks we have new arrivals coming.
They are black and four legs.
No one guessed right.
So let me introduce to you 
Lavender, Petunia and Frazier.
A Water Buffalo starter herd
 They big, bigger than me 

But so docile and friendly and with great temprements.
 So this is there story Frazier in the above photo is 6 months old and will be our future sire bull for a couple of generations being unrelated to the females.
Lavender and Petunia are 5 years old and in calf due to drop in July and August, they are now at the end of there milking days as there yields are dropping but can still be used for breeding for another 10 years, any bull calfs they produce will be raised for meat, females will join the breeding herd. Its all a long term plan.
We now have to get all the paperwork done and they have to be TB tested before they can be transported.
They should be here in a couple of weeks I am so excited. 
We have a lot to do in preparation for them coming.


  1. Wonderful. So you will be making your own mozzarella and burrata. We visited a water buffalo farm while on holiday in Italy recently, just inland from the coast at Paestum in the Cilento region and sat outside eating mozzarella and tomatoes and basil drizzled with the freshest zingiest olive oil. Good luck with the new arrivals, it is very exciting.

  2. Wow your farm keeps on growing! Hope they settle in well.

  3. Dawn how fantastic, can't wait to see them intergrate into your family.

  4. Oh my goodness! I never would have guessed "water buffalo." This is exciting news. I'm looking forward to learning more.

  5. How exciting.
    They have such lovely little faces.

  6. Well done you - you fooled us all. And welcome to the new girls and their future boy friend.

  7. We have quite a few buffalo/bison ranches and farms here. It is a very popular meat as it is very healthy. Less calories, fat, cholesterol etc. Sounds like they will be a great investment.

  8. Great additions. Expansion is good.

  9. How wonderful. You are do brave they would terrify. Looking forward to hearing about all the products you'll make.

  10. How exciting. We used to see buffalo when we lived in South Africa. Good luck with your plans

  11. Respect. They have always seemed so large to me.

  12. I am sooo excited for you, how wonderful <3 I can't wait to read about them all.x

  13. Looking forward to following this adventure!!! Beautiful


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