Monday 11 December 2017

You Have Got To Love An Icicle

 With the arrival of winter
 Temperatures dropped
 Overnight we entered a winter wonderland
 with all the beauty of the snow
 Driving was tricky
 every where was clothed in a stillness
 up here on our mountain top
 3 days of snow still with us
 freezing over night as temperatures drop to -8
It is all so beautiful I love it and feel privileged to live in such a wondrous place. 


  1. Looks so beautiful Dawn, just like Christmas scenes on cards. Mind you, I'd rather look at it from inside than be out in it!

  2. Absolutely stunning Dawn.

  3. Beautiful to wake up to those views each morning, great photos.

  4. I was wondering how bloggers in more rural corners were getting on. Safe travelling. Jx

  5. Good photo's and very pleasing to the eye.
    I am now sick and tired of looking out at the all white landscape and am hoping for some warm rain to wash it all away, hope it comes soon.

  6. Winter wonderland says it all! Great photographs.

  7. What's a bit of inconvenience compared with such beauty.

  8. It is beautiful and for photos are stunning but I really dislike the stuff.

  9. Great photos, Dawn. I love living here and considering we were told when we moved that the village doesn't have a history of tonnes of snow I love it.The scenery has been spectacular. Great icicles.

  10. We have the same beauty all around us, but no icicles yet! It's just a matter of time though :) Your photos are lovely!

  11. Yes beautiful and just like where we staying in W. Midlands, but we had to get back home to Suffolk on Sunday. The journey took us 8 hours! We were shattered when we got home.

  12. Very pretty, you’ll be all ready for it too I bet so can enjoy 😊


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