Wednesday 19 July 2017

More New Additions

These two arrived on the
ranch this morning 
Chinese Crested Geese 
It has been a busy week with lots of new residents and getting them settled in.
Cucumber glut has now started 3-4 every couple of days
 made up a big jar of refrigerator cucumber pickle
still getting lots of milk from the goats as well as milkshakes everday
 its yogurt for breakfast with honey and fruit
we have workmen in at the moment I will update on that later
 I did make them up a batch of biscuits from the recipe that Louise gave me, these are great dunking biscuits and have been a hit with the lads 
must go there is lots to get on with busy busy time.


  1. Oh Dawn glad my bikkie recipe is keeping the workmen happy, look forward to hearing about progress! Geese look fab. No cucumbers here yet. Looking forward to a good harvest when we are home.

  2. Loving the geese. We've had a few cucumbers, haven't tried pickling them xx

  3. Hi Dawn :) Congratulations on the addition of the geese! Your yogurt looks delicious. :)

  4. I like the look of the geese. What is the plan with them: eggs, meat, ornament or a combination?

  5. What beautiful looking geese, not to mention the biscuits!

  6. It looks to be all go down there -love the geese.

  7. I'm getting cucumbers two by two at the moment. I'm making beetroot and cucumber salad to use them up. I'm picking them when they're a little smaller too.

  8. I'd lvoe geese but my wife says no way!

  9. Hmmm. I miss my geese, but dd2 does not like them at all. She's off to Uni soon ... so maybe I'll look at getting some geese again.

  10. Interested on the geese too as Philip says. Very nice.
    The biccies look great and sounds like a really busy time for you at the moment. Keep it up :D


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