Sunday 16 July 2017

Honey And Milk

The other day I went down to check the only occupied bee hive we have at the moment its a top bar hive.
The comb isn't built on frames, the bees build the comb hanging from bars that run along the top of the hive.

 This is a photo from a few years ago showing how the comb is formed.
Anyway while checking the hive I accidental broke a comb that was full of honey.
Sticky and runny it was impossible to repair the comb and fix it back to the bar.
There was nothing to do but take it away.
 I did a first straining of it just letting the honey run and got about a pound and half of it.
 Then I squished up the comb to release any trapped honey, in total there was 3lb of honey that came off the comb, this honey wont store long term as the comb wasn't capped off by the bees, when enough water has evaporated off the honey stores the bees put a little wax cap over the top to preserve it.
The unripe honey wont go to waste
 we are having it with yogurt made from the goats milk in the morning and the honey will be used for cooking.
 we got this corner unit for free it was looking for a new home, It is being painted white and will go in the kitchen, at some point it had been previously painted then rubbed down badly and varnished so now its being painted again.
Today we have lots going on so I better get a move on.


  1. Looks like a nice solid piece of furniture. x

  2. After you told me about this kind of hive when I came to visit it is great to see it, and the wonderful results from it.

  3. Ooooh that is making my mouth water....honey on yoghurt. That is the only way I can eat honey-x-

  4. You've set my mouth to watering! Mmmm honey and yogurt!

  5. I do enjoy keeping up to date with how things atr taking shape.

  6. The honey looks so clear and lovely. Honey and yoghurt is my favourite combination. You are always busy Dawn I don't know how you do it, I'm struggling keeping up with my garden produce!

  7. It is good that you can and do make use of everything that you can! Lots of great honey to enjoy.

  8. The furniture is looking very good already. I didn't know that about honey being capped off, so thanks for sharing. I have honey in my tea or warm milk, I've a rather sweet tooth unfortunately!


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