Thursday 8 June 2017

Casualties From The Wind

This week we have had downpours of heavy rain a big gusts of wind, all was not lost even though there was casualty
The day after the high winds I went round and collected these

 The Alliums on there tall stems were flattened, still I can enjoy them indoors.
The wet weather has kept me indoors, except for normal chores
The other day I used some of the goat milk glut for fudge
 Chocolate and Pecan, very tasty.
The poly tunnel is producing
 Time for peas, I love fresh peas, we cant grow enough of them, this is the second picking with loads more to come.
I bought myself one of these
A salad cutter,
easy to use, pop your salad bits in and cut through the slots, turn it 90 degrees and cut again and you have a nice chopped salad, its ideal for up to 2 portions it wont do a family salad.
Perfect for doing  a quick salad for my lunch.
I am looking forward to a break in the weather as I have things to get on with.



  1. I've never seen a salad cutter before! They have a gadget for everything these days! Anything to make life more efficient is worth it in my eyes. I've found my salad spinner to be a great help when bringing the lettuce in ready to make our lunches for work.
    The weather better sort itself out soon, there's growing to be done!!

  2. Getting fed up with the wind, the gusts are really battering the plants. The carrots are thriving in the wet but I'd rather have sunshine.

  3. I like the idea of that salad cutter - it looks quite large in the photograph but if it is alright for just you then I must be getting the proportion wrong. Shall look for one in our kitchen shop.

  4. Hmm... the weather forecast for the weekend still isn't THAT great. I know that we need the rain, but it would be lovely if it just came at night. Jx

  5. Lucky you goats milk fudge is the best I have ever tasted.

  6. Eating loads of peas here as well, that's if i can get them in the house away from the girls!


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