Sunday 11 June 2017

A Success After Failure

I had a big success this week, 
something I have tried a few times and failed 
 Butter not just any butter which I have made many times, this butter is made from our own goats milk 😁goat milk butter is white rather than yellow it took 1 pint of cream that was collected over a few days.
Martin was putting the finishing touches to a chicken house and run
 for the Ross Cobb table birds.
I have been trimming back the grape vine and thinning out the bunches
 I have reduced the vine down to 20 bunches, I might reduce them down further, its about quality rather than quantity and reducing the bunches means bigger and juicer grapes.
The peas in the poly tunnel are cropping well
 another harvest for tonight's dinner has brought this seasons harvest up to 1kg so far and there is plenty more to come yet.

Can you see what I see
 Mama dove is on top of the dovecot, daddy dove is on the house roof and if you look you can see 2 young doves who are almost ready to fledge, The doves have had a hard time with the buzzard this adult pair keep trying to raise young last time they were successful in raising one that fledged and was finding it wings when the buzzard stuck and it was RIP baby dove.
I am hoping there is plenty of other food around for the buzzard and he leaves these alone to become adults.


  1. The butter looks great!
    Love the new coop for the ross cobs, I'm making some more chicken tractors next week, but I might not have a closed in coop (on the bottom), I'm just not sure they will need it, it'll be protected with wire though. Think it will work? Or be too damp?

  2. I didn't know that goat butter is white. I do hope the young doves are left alone xx

  3. i would kill for that butter! if i take care of the buzzard will you send me some butter? and i hope the babies can grow into adults without any trouble.

    sending love. your friend,

  4. Making your own butter sounds relish! I'm admiring yours.

  5. That butter looks amazing as do all of your growing things.
    Good luck to the little doves. I really hope they make it-x-

  6. Well done with the butter, it looks awesome :D
    Good to the baby doves.x

  7. Oh good luck with the baby doves. Butter looks yummy!

  8. Is the butter as creamy as cows milk butter?, will keep everything crossed for the doves

  9. I only make butter when I find some cream greatly discounted in Tesco! Then it's worth it. I do cheat too, and use the Kenwood (or rather, its replacement).

    I hope your doves survive this time.

  10. I wonder if goats butter tastes like cow butter? It is looking all very productive you your farmstead.


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