Tuesday 3 November 2020

Preparing For Winter

 Well it’s been a pretty wild week end with the weather, thank goodness that has now passed and we are back getting some sunny spells.

Yesterday we headed down to Pendine Sands with the dogs, to blow some cobwebs away 

Yes it was very blowy but nice to get some sea air and a change of scenery, everything was closed and there was no one around very much a ghost town. 

I had harvested the last of the apples last week off all our young trees, so three crates later all mixed up we decided to have a go at doing some cider with them 

We have never done cider before, I don’t drink the stuff, I am not even sure that it should be that colour, thank goodness we are only doing a gallon, if anything it can get used for cooking I suppose.

I have got a sourdough starter on the go 

It’s now been going almost a week and I haven’t managed to kill it yet, It’s the one from Paul Hollywood’s book Bread.

I have been busy prepping the poly tunnels for winter 

poly tunnel 1 has been cleared out and Some reflective insulation has been put up on the lower part of the tunnelfirst time trying this.
When clearing out I came across some self seeded tomatoes so I have planted them up and I am going to try and keep them going over winter, not expecting them to fruit but it would give me a head start if they did survive.
Also trying to keep the chilliest and peppers alive over winter.

All the beds have been mulched in a deep layer of Alpaca poo, one side has been covered over as it won’t be used this winter, I have small beds of some veg on the go, and bringing on more plants that will be planted out in a few weeks, pots of tender plants have been brought in to over winter, and the early strawberries have all been brought in. Grapes pruned back and the tunnel has been washed down inside and out. Now I have just have to get poly tunnel 2 done, I have made a start on clearing and cutting back.

Work so far
Before in my little tropical jungle.

Right spit spot work to do.


  1. If it is any comfort Dawn, cider is supposed to be that color. I have never really developed the taste myself either.

    1. Its now starting to clear and look more like cider

  2. You can always turn it into cider vinegar if you aren't keen on the taste.

    1. I have seen a few gammon recipes that are cooked in cider so it will destined for that

  3. I'll have to go back and re-read your posts on polytunnels. I don't really know anything about this type of gardening.

    1. I think in other countries its called hoop gardening, basically its just a protected from the elements growing area

  4. I visit your blog off and on and alway learn something. What do you do with your tropical jungle ? I would sit in there on cold snowy days and have a coffee.

    1. there are lots of fruits growing in there, and the top end I use as a potting shed, its a nice area to sit with a cup of tea and mull things over


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