Wednesday 28 October 2020

It’s Getting Very Tedious

 Yes we are back in lockdown here in Wales, it’s becoming very tedious every time you start getting some normality back in your life they snatch it away, considering we have such low numbers in Wales it makes no sense. 

Before lock down we started taking Paige and Mia back out the beach, 

It was great being out with them but of course now we can’t go.

We have just been through this years round of TB testing

All went well and we passed, we had the females scanned for pregnancy but only scanned in calf, we will repeat in December.

The light Sussex pulleys are all now laying like it’s going out of fashion, and the silly turkey has got her seasons mixed up and has also come into lay.

On the subject of chickens, we have started culling the Light Sussex cockerels

There weights are not to bad, and they there is a lot of meat compared to bone, not as much as the Ross Cobbs and I think come next spring we will raise some more Ross Cobbs to bulk out our meat.

We made the descion to sell all the Hebridean ewes, we had a flock of 26 and we needed the land for the Buffalo, the last of the ewes went last week end, we still have the rams, there for the freezer this year and three for next year, we may just go down the route of raising a few bottle lambs for our own use. We will see. 
Elvis our Boer Billy is back from his holidays, he was away with some ladies.
Now he is back he is in with our ladies 

He is a big fella, but as gentle as a lamb.

Thank you for all the messages after the loss of of our beloved Tess, 
She is so missed, 
She was a big part of our life here, her legs went completely and we were having to help her up all the time and the crunch came when her front legs went and she couldn’t even get up for a drink of water, we think she had a stroke as when we found her in the morning she was in a bit of a state, so we took her straight to the vet and said good bye. 
They allowed us to be with her, and she went to sleep for the final time in the one place she really loved in the back of the car on my knee. 
We cannot thank our vets enough for the kindness and compassion they showed to Tess and to us. 

She is now laid to rest up in the woodland field beside Sol and Kara and her place is marked with a Sweet Chestnut tree.


  1. I miss raising meat birds. I'm trying to talk my husband into it after this year. So sick of the lockdowns too. Our Gov. is causing panic and fear in people. I'm not buying it. Stay well. Love the dog pics.

  2. I think 2020 should be dubbed the year that makes no sense. Sounds like you are doing a good job of keeping your home sense of normality, and that's important.

  3. I've never seen an egg rack like yours. It would certainly keep you using the oldest eggs first. It's very clever. Here we are raised to think that eggs must go in the refrigerator.

  4. I am very sorry about Tess. It is hard to lose a beloved companion.

    For what it is worth, it is tedious over here as well. Sadly, I think "normality" may be gone for a very long time indeed.


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