Sunday 8 November 2020

Chicken Plucking

 A fellow self sufficient friend who lives fairly local and me bought a poultry plucker between us, I am happy for it to remain with her as we are getting ready for the building works now and the less stuff I have about the better.

Anyway we have been having a play with this bit of equipment and to say it’s been a learning curve is an understatement, here is a short video of one of our attempts 

Chicken plucking

It took a few attempts before we had success, 

The instruction leaflet was lacking in proper instructions, lots of you tube videos later, we have discovered the optimum temperature  the water should be for scalding.

I am now out of chickens, but we have some friends with plenty of poultry waiting to be plucked. 

These were the light Sussex birds we raised this year for meat, they are suppose to be a dual purpose birds, next year we are going back to Ross Cobbs for meat.

If anyone else has used a poultry plucker advice is most welcome.  


  1. another machine I had no idea existed !!

  2. Turns out my husband wasn't as ignorant as I

  3. Fascinating. I never have known anyone that actually owned one. Did it go okay?

  4. Wow I read back on your blog and what a lot you do and find time to craft. I'm sore pushed just to keep my garden tidy and now having pruned shrubs and some roses, cut back perennials and swept the patio I am downing tools for the winter, but you're still going!

    1. we are just in a routine with it all now just a way of life


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