Monday 15 April 2019

Phew One Of Each

Sunday 7th April
Paige is settling well, very relaxed and very playful.
 In the poly tunnel, strawberries are flowering
 The citrus trees are coming back into flower
 and lots of lovely new growth.
 and last years fruit is almost ripe
Monday 8th April
We were back at Pembrey Sands with both dogs
 They had a great time exploring the beach and Tess tried her best to keep up with Paige who loved digging up shells
 and when her legs gave out she was int her princess carriage
 to continue the journey in style.
 after a rest she was back out enjoying herself, having a paddle with her new friend.
 There was one very tired dog who snuggled down to sleep on the way back to the car.
Tuesday 9th April
A day spent in the poly tunnel, the beds have been topped off with well rotted manure and covered over with Silage Sheets. To try and retain moisture, heat up the beds and as I plan to plant through reduce weeding
 climbing frames made from stock fencing have been put all along one side.
 and wrapped over the top of the bars
 The grape vines have been tied in along the bars.
the other side also had the sheets put down and the ropes weighed down with scaffold tubes are being put in place for the tomatoes.
Wednesday 10th April
We have some rain forecast the first in two weeks, so I headed up to the top field that was torn apart by badgers
 and did some re seeding, we got a sack of mixed pasture seed from the feed suppliers.
 I had to hand broadcast it, but hopefully it will take.
The rain was just starting as I finished, by the time I got back to the house it had stopped, the downpour never happened.
Thursday 11th April
Trimming goat feet Wednesday morning and I pulled my back, as the day progressed my back got worse so it has been lots of rest me for a chance to start organising some computer files 
and getting stuff on usbs that I use all the time save me time going through files on the computer.
The sun was out and its time to start hardening off the ducklings
They had a great time exploring grass for the first time.
 Friday 12th April
Martin has gone to Bristol, he had something special to collect, 
still having back issues but it is improving,
 so spent the day baking 
 Chocolate Chip cookies.
Tortilla wraps  and a loaf that over rose and collapsed on me, but sill edible.
Martin got back late afternoon 
and here is the special collection.
Mia, it has been in the planning stage for several weeks Mia coming here to retire, she turns 9 this year and she as placed with a young boy who was Autistic but situations change and Mia had to be removed.
Saturday  13th April
 Its been a day of adjustment and getting to know you day, with three dogs in the house we only ever planned two, 
 Paige and Mia similar age like to play tug of war.
 All three like treats
 A trio of labs one of each crashed out in front of the fire.
 Paige has had her fist weigh in week 1 and she has lost 1kg
Well done Paige.




  1. What a lovely newsy post. Your poly tunnel is looking really great and I love the way you organize your computer files! I should follow your lead. Paige looks great (all your dogs do). I hope your pasture seed takes. That's on ongoing project here too; trying desperately to get good pasture established.

  2. Hope your back is getting better, not nice. 3 dogs, you have your hands full, but they all look friendly and fun.

  3. How lovely three labs we have two and they are a joy.You are so good to your dogs. Rose.

  4. Sometimes I find one Border Terrier a bit of a houseful - can't imagine three Labs!

  5. You can never have too many labs!! How lovely they look.
    We've been on the waiting list to adopt from our local lab rescue for what seems like ages - no luck as yet.

  6. The poly tunnel looks great - my lime trees seem to have made it through Winter and are putting on new growth (no flowers yet though).

    And thank you for the lab pictures. I miss ours.

  7. Your dogs are so great! I'm thinking about getting myself one from the same breed.


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