Thursday 15 March 2018

Filling Time During The Freeze

Over the last cold spell the one that brought everything to a stand still, we had a session of going through the freezers and doing a bit of re organising.
 All the bags of fruit from last summer were pulled out
 Cranberry sauce was made
 Redcurrant Jelly was made
 The other fruit, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries and Tayberries were mixed up and canned.
 Some of it is being eaten with waffles homemade yogurt and some of our honey for breakfast.
 Some of the strawberries went into muffins.
 There was a bag of roasted veg that go turned into soup
 Some cookie dough chocolate chips were added and cookies made.

 I got out my old stove top pressure cooker 
and did us some lamb shanks with mixed veg,
While surfing the internet for a recipe I kept seeing recipes for electric pressure cookers and some one had mentioned one in a group that Kev from  English Homestead 
and me run together on facebook.
So  had to look into these 

  and bought one.
It has a lot more facility's than the old stove top ones and I dont have to be around to watch it, it also has a timer so I can set it get on with my day and it will start up and cook dinner. 
First out of the pot, Rice Pudding
12 mins and ready to eat.
 Then it was the turn of an Indian meal, Butter Chicken with Cumin Spiced Potatoes, we both enjoy Indian food but its a bit of trek to have a decent one, cooking it at home can take ages with lots of stages This was produced in under and hour and it tasted just like the real thing.
 Then it was a Moroccan Meal, Goat Stew with Chickpeas and Rice again under an hour, the recipe was for a lamb stew but I substituted lamb for goat. It was really really tasty.
I am impressed with the ease of use.
The group that we run on Facebook is 
Its a new group and is for everyone from window box growers to farmers covering all topics including self sufficiency, cooking, growing, livestock, general on topic chat. 




  1. Hi Dawn,
    We are just going through our fridge and freezer as well, using up and cooking/baking what we have already but on a much smaller scale, if you were just up the road I would swap a container of passion fruit pulp for some of your berries ��have a lovely day. Fi

  2. I had my mum’s old stove top pressure cooker when I was at university in the early 1980s. It used to feed armies of fellow students (it never ceased to amaze me that some couldn’t even boil an egg) on soups, stews, rice pudding etc. I always cook conventionally nowadays but your pressure cooker dishes look impressive - something to look into for sure. A Madhur Jaffrey curry round here is a weekend labour of love - but always worth it!

  3. All of the food looks great, especially the cookies! :) I've always wanted a pressure cooker...but we're trying to keep the spending down. It looks like a lovely appliance though!

  4. That all looks very delicious Dawn.

  5. I've been going through the freezer too, using up the older meat. I had a couple of small bags of fruit that I stewed and blended to be added to porridge or yoghurt.

  6. The food all looks great - especially the muffins!

  7. That all looks fab especially the waffles with fruit!I was only thinking the other day about some cranberries I have in the freezer. Think I'll make them into sauce and put in the cellar along with the extra mincemeat I made before Christmas. I had some boozy dried fruit left over in the cupboard, too, so made that into a cutting cake for Jon's lunches.

  8. We are trying to clear out the freezers as well. Slowly but surely getting through everything.

    I bought one of those electric pressure cookers as well and am loving it. Stew was on the table in 90 minutes yesterday and was yummy.

    God bless.

  9. You've been busy! I keep meaning to check out the electric pressure cookers. Maybe when my kitchen remodel is finished I'll get around to it.


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