Monday 31 March 2014


From the viewing of our house the other day we now have an offer on paper that we have accepted.
So with the sale of two houses (keeping everything crossed ) it means we will be able to fund the work we want to do on the place we are buying.

Today was another lovely spring day, and the garden is changing on a daily basis, it all grows so fast, spring flowers are out, the trees are coming into leaf and the greenhouses are filling with young plants.
Last year everything was so late, winter just dragged on this year we have been so lucky with winter weather, wet very wet but not the freezing tempertures.

I have been sewing again today, working on more blocks for the quilt for our new bedroom, while the sewing machine was working away, I got stuck into some hand quilting, a project I prepared yesterday, 

A Somerset Folded Star block that I turned into a trivet to be used on my Rayburn, its the perfect size for my kettle to sit on, I have often admired this block but kept putting off as I assumed it would be fiddly and dificult to do, once the fabric was cut, it was very easy to assemble, and all hand stitched.
This was were I got the instructions Somerset Star  so if you fancy having a go pop over there.

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