Thursday 27 March 2014

All The Seasons In One Day

It has been one of those awful weather days, started off promising with sunshine, then it clouded over thunder lightning hailstones, after the hail it looked like we had a layer of snow out there,  then sunshine and now horrible heavy rain as if we havent had enough rain this year.
We had another viewing on this house today, so who knows they might decide they like it enough to put an offer in, luckily our move isn't dependent on the sale of this house, we have sold one of our rental properties, although selling this one would make things a little easier.  If this house hasnt sold by the time we get a move date then we will let it.
After running around and getting the house to look its best I was all set to spend a few hours in the garden when the weather changed, so it was a change of plan and I spent the remainder of the day working on the sewing machine.
I am working on a quilt for our new bedroom, I decided to do it cream and burgundy velvet blocks, with colour on colour machine embroidery on each of the blocks.
In total I have 34 block designs I want to do, so will do each block in both colourways, giving me a total of 68 blocks.
I haven't decided how the blocks are to be laid out yet and I haven't decided on borders, I will wait until my blocks are finished then play with layouts on the floor.
so far I have 16 blocks done.
some of the blocks 

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