Tuesday 25 March 2014

Book Review - 5 Acres & A Dream

5 Acres & A Dream written by Leigh Tate, I purchased this book through Amazon for £7.65 it was the title that first attracted me to this book as the amount of land that Leigh and her husband have is the same amount of land as we are having, It was  a nice easy read although I do wish they had gone into some more details on some of there projects, The book tells of there journey into Self Suffiency, I was pleased to find that Leigh runs a blog that continues there journey http://www.5acresandadream.com/
so if you are thinking of taking your first steps then grab yourself a copy and settle back with a cuppa for a good read, then continue the journey by checking on Leigh's blog


  1. Hi,
    I got this book at christmas and really enjoyed it.
    I Just found your blog and I like what I read - it looks like your trying to do things with the same mindset that we are.

  2. Thanks Kev I was looking at your blog last night as it happens, it nice to find another Self Relaint family in the UK.
    Keep up the good work your blog is great.

  3. Dawn, thank you so much for your kind words. I would be very interested in which projects you would particularly have liked details for. I'm a compulsive writer and would love to include this in a future book. 5 Acres: The Book was very much shaped my blog readers and your feedback here would be extremely helpful.


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