Sunday 27 May 2012

Top Bar Hives

We now have two top bar hives set and bees are in situ, we put the bees in just over a week ago and have left them alone to settle in, the good weather has helped and there has been plenty of activity, today we opened them to see how they were doing, hive 1 at the front of the picture was the smaller of the two swarms, and they have just started building comb on there 6th bar, and the hive at the back number 2 was a big swarm and they are making good progress as well and are on there 8th bar with comb, I was really surprised how quickly they have built comb and of course pleased they have settled in and it is all working well.
The door way to a bees world.

The national hives we have were checked today, brood is coming on plenty of pollen and honey, one of the nationals swarmed a few weeks ago, we got them back from next door and set them in another hive, that hive is our number 4 has been working like crazy and there super is filling fast so we are ordering some extra supers this week for all 3 of the nationals and frames and foundation, of course with a top bar you don't have any of that expense, today we settled in another swarm that was given to use in a national, so will have to wait a few weeks to see if they are going to settle.

Next week we are off on holiday in S Wales for the week so will check in again when I return.

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