Sunday 10 June 2012

Back from Wales

Martin and Steve discussing the right way to fish

Dog Fish supper

Razor Clam Supper

We have spent the past week in Pembrokeshire, getting to know some of the areas in a bid to see what part we would like to move to, the weather didn't really play ball but we had some sunny spells, we met up with Steve and Rebbeca from Downsizer who took the time out to show us the basics of beach fishing, Steve managed to catch us a Dog Fish that we had for dinner that evening, we spent some time beach foraging as well for Cockles, Razor Clams, Mussels and Winkles so that was another dinner, we visited Wool mills and a Flour mill so all in all had a good week, we have decided we don't like the Tenby area too touristy for us, while we were away a fox visited our chickens and we lost Rocky our golden cockerel, it could have been far worse, right I must get on as I have a lot to do. will pop back later in the week with some more updates.

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