Saturday 12 May 2012

Collecting A Swarm

The other evening we were told of another swarm in next doors garden, this was the second one we collect from there this week and it was an awkward to collect, low down under a deep ledge and the evening was creeping in fast light falling along with the temperature, we tried to encourage them up into the box with gentle persuasion from smoke, we left the box over night and next evening when we checked they were all happily in the box, today neighbours told us another swarm in the hedge, so off we go again for the third time don't know who's hives they are coming from, we now need some new hives desperately as we are full at the inn and both travel boxes are full, we have ordered a couple of top bar hives for the next couple of swarms about the ones we have collected will be going into national hives as they will have settled on the frames in travel boxes.

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