Tuesday 26 July 2011

Getting it for Free

Just lately there has been a lot of adverts around from companys offering free electricity, who dosent want free electric, Martin has been in touch with one of these and has been looking into it, it seems they instal the solar panels on your roof at no cost to you, in return you get any electric produced that you use free of charge, any surples is put back into the national grid and the solar panel company get paid for the surples electric, so it cost us nothing to have the panels installed we benifit from free electricity and the maintanance of the panels is soley down to the supplling company,whats the catch there has to be one, the only issue is they rent the airspace above your house for a term of 25 years, if you dont own your property outright and have a mortgage like us then the company has to get permission from your mortgage lender, which it seems is not a problem, we have had the paperwork through and hopefully in a few weeks I can let you know if we have qualified and are getting free electricity, saving us approx £1,000 a year. Now what can I spend that on, it would go very nicely towards an Alpaca, I think that is a fair exchange.

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