Sunday 4 September 2011

Goosey Goosey Gander

Whats for dinner tonight? How about Goose, Martin came across dinner on his way to work at the side of the road, not unusual in this household to have road kill, but this time we struck lucky, it wasnt road kill, it had been shot and come down in the road, Our freezer is usually stocked with the usual road kill, venison, rabbit, pheasant even the odd hare, the occasional squirrel pidgeon and duck but we have not had a goose off the road before, so we are looking forward to this one.

Things have been really busy here again harvesting fruit and veg, the chickens have gone into overdrive pushing out eggs like there is no tomorrow, and we have had a real glut of tomatoes that Martin has been making into Salsa and taking it with him on drill night to share with the boys, he has at last managed to get some pizza trays that will fit into the brick oven so he is going to hold that pizza party he has been promising for the lads very soon, but at the moment we have a very full calender.

Honey and bees are very much on the agenda at the moment, our first swarm we got has been doing fantastic and we have managed to take some honey off, unfortunatly, the second swarm that was only small have flown the hive, you cant keep bees locked in so you cannot stop them from leaving if they decide to go they go. We are having a visit from the bee inspector later on today, so we are hoping she will give our bees a clean bill of health, we are very much novice beekeepers, just bumbling along on our own, so it will be nice to know if we are doing it right or are we making a complete hash of it all, will let you know.

The sun is trying to break through a murky sky as I write so I am going to take advantage of a day off and decent weather and get some work done in the garden, also must get some baking done, and there is veg waiting to go into the freezer and honey waiting to be put into jars, so there is another full day ahead so I better get started on it.

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