Thursday 16 February 2023

28 Day Food Preserving Challenge

 I am taking part in a 28 day food preserving challenge, 

Preserving something every day to prevent waste and fill shelves. 

Here are my first three days.



Day 3


  1. This sounds like an excellent idea. Who's hosting the challenge?

    1. It’s just something I started doing, I saw Three Rivers Homestead do one at the end of every summer and I missed it so I thought I would try it now then join in with her one later in the year.

  2. Today I had to throw away a roll of puff pastry. Thought I had bought it only a week ago (not apparantly). It was hanging in the back of my mind I had to use it for something. Today was the day. I rolled it out and it looked dry and tore at the sides. It smelled very sour. It was used by date from 23 of January. Had to throw it away. I hate doing that, so, so stupid. So must go through my fridge more regulary. These "activities" like you do no now are great. Don't know if my story makes sense but I read prevent food waste and up pops the puff pastry :-(


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