Thursday 2 December 2021

Selling The Buffalo

 I have mentioned a few times that there are big changes afoot at Stickle Tarn

Our first big change involves the Water Buffalo, 

December 2017 we ventured into keeping Water Buffalo, it’s been a great adventure with lots of highs and lows, these big beasts have become part of the Stickle Tarn Family.

They are placid easy to handle and a great talking point.

So why are we selling.

We have had many discussions and decided as much as we have enjoyed having them around and welcoming new calves seeing them grow and establish themselves in the herd, we cannot continue on this route.

We want to concentrate on rearing for meat so it’s time to find a new home for the breeding side.

Frazier our breeding bull

Petunia in calf along with her young daughter Rosie

Lavender in calf

Lily in calf

Are now looking for a new home.

They will make a great starter herd for some one wanting to get into Water Buffalo they are all used to being handled and friendly and the Mamas are from a original milking herd .

Here is a video showing them all.

We are going to keep the young bulls who are raised for the meat market and our plan is to buy in week old male calves each year and raise them to slaughter weight at 2 years old.

The breeding side takes up land that we need for raising the calves and we only have a limited amount of land we don’t want to intensively rear keeping them shut in, we want the calves to have the best life possible grazing and playing in the fields. We have to winter the buffalo under cover because of there size they do poach the land and it takes time to recover, calves we can leave out in the fields being smaller and lighter at foot. 

If you would like to know more and are interested in a starter herd get in touch, come and meet them. 

This is the first of our exciting changes that we have planned.


  1. Dawn - First of all, hope all is well.

    One of the great truths that those that have no experience with their food chain beyond buying it at the store is that any farm or small hold is a very dynamic environment. Things ebb and flow as times, environment, and interests change. It sounds like a very well thought out reasoned plan.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blogs. Please keep on sharing!


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