Sunday 4 April 2021

It Is Not A Good Year So Far

 We have had some rough times this year, it can only get better I keep telling myself.

Thelma kidded a lovely set of triplets, Elvis our Billy has proven to be a great dad, 

Then a few days later Bunty produced a smashing pair of twins

That just left Connie who seemed to be growing bigger by the minute 

Eventually two weeks later she produced a lovely set of triplets, 
All our kidding was finished for the year, seven lovely little kids, 4 girls 3 boys, all feeding fine.

Then disaster struck

48 hours after Connie delivered, we went to do the morning feeds and sadly found Connie curled up in the corner she had passed away.

We don’t know why, there had been no signs of anything wrong, everything seemed normal after the delivery.

Leaving behind three little screaming orphan kids.

We brought the kids up to the house to warm up and get some milk into them, getting them to take a bottle was a challenge but lots of small offerings throughout the day we had some success, the little boy kid was reluctant to feed and seemed sleepy, I popped him down to vet who checked him over, got some electrolytes into him etc and he perked up.

Sadly we lost the little boy over night.leaving behind the two little girls.while this was going on we had another loss, Mr Stanley the stag Turkey he was being over amarous with Mrs Stanley and keeled over with a heart attack.

Mrs Stanley Pinned for the next few days losing here life long mate was hard, we rehomed her to some one else who had turkeys.

The little kids are still doing fine and have taken to the bottles well, they are back in the goat house with all the others we have set up a heat lamp for them and all the kids snuggle in there together.

Losses are always hard it’s part of keeping livestock, you can’t win all the battles


  1. It is always hard to deal with a farm lose. We have to put it in prospective as part of the farm, but not easy. have a wonderful day.

  2. So sorry for all that happening to you. We eventually want livestock at the farm when we are out there full time, a few anyway, but these stories always remind me of the things that can happen. Hugs to you.

  3. IT always seems to come in waves. Hopefully go a bit better for you from here on in.

  4. I am sorry you have had such a rough time. I imagine you never get used to losing those baby animals.

  5. That is hard, Dawn, especially when they die and there is no explanation. I am glad at least the two female kids are doing okay.


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