Sunday 11 April 2021

Builds Builds and More Builds


We are starting the building work on the house this week, the accommodation for our builder was collected yesterday, Martin’s brother is going to be the resident builder and arrives end of the week. 

A friend and myself are going to do this with the caravan , to make it more appealing to look at, and I am going to over time re fit out the inside.
First part of the build will be building a temporary laundry and storage area in the barn, then the leaky cold utility room can come down footings dug water and drainage re routed.
Then the big stuff, extending out the kitchen, a big walk in pantry, boot room and wet room.
This is the utility room to the left that’s coming down and the kitchen will be extended out 8 ft beyond the end of the house and filling this space.
This shows were the walk in pantry will be, the pot marks how far out the extension is coming 

Happy days, so much chaos and destruction can’t wait until it’s all done, I don’t cope well with disruption and workmen around. 

Also we have to get up the new big 50ft polytunnel

It’s going here the black poles are marking the area.

My stair case has been built for to get up to the storage area  above the log store

Underneath the stairs will be for kindling, upstairs will be all the stuff I have to move for the build in plastic containers, the sheets of ply are going to used for the ceiling.

When the kitchen is all complete next is a purpose built cattle shed at the bottom of the field incorporating, hay a straw storage, and a storage area for all the machinery and implements., we are keeping everything crossed this will all be done before winter sets in again.


  1. You won't know yourself with so much lovely workable space.

  2. Wow that is going to be a lovely useful storage area off the kitchen Hope build goes well x

  3. That is a lot of activity Dawn - but I am sure you will be happy with the end result.

    I am with you - lots of building activity around my house always makes me nervous too. I hate the disorganization of it all.

  4. We'll be in the building mess together...our building work begins on Monday. A new kitchen and bedroom above, and similar for daughter and her family next door. Can't wait to do the pretty bits! x


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