Monday 8 October 2018

That Warm Glow Inside

Nothing feels better than knowing you are all prepared for winter, 
Every corner of the barn is filled with bales of hay for Goats, Alpacas and sheep.
 We have enormous bales of straw distributed around the place for animal bedding
 22 wrapped round bales of silage for the buffalo this winter they are staying in the buffalo house and yard, we plan to put them in December and they will stay in until end of March start of April 
They will be on a deep bed system of straw, and fed silage and cow cake rations with some shredded sugar beet. We got the Buffalo last December and we were feeding them hay as well as letting them graze but with wet weather the fields became rutted and full of pot holes, we are not doing that again.
 The log sheds are full, lots of bags of starter wood, so there is no fear of us not keeping warm.
 Martin has sorted out a method of getting water to those animals not near a water supply 
Back in summer when we struggled with keeping everyone water troughs filled and most of the day was spent carting water over in 60l containers fill a water trough for a water buffalo to slurp it all down in one go or stand in the trough and then tip the whole thing over to make a mud wallow and you would have to go and fetch more, Martin spotted these for sale on ebay and bought them both.
He had a couple of spare IBC tanks 
The tanks are now secure on the trolleys they can be moved around easy with the quad bike or tractor, filled up taken and parked up were needed, we have hoses fitted to the taps so filling troughs is easy peasy.
We still have a few preparations to make for the coming winter but we are ahead of were we were this time last year.  
We just hope we are not having another freezing Siberian one like last year. 




  1. Good to be prepared, loads of animals were fed their winter hay throughout the heat wave, which would be a worry this winter.

  2. Getting those 2 trailers - what a find! Well you certainly have dotted your I's and crossed your T's early this year. What wonderful comfort that must for you. Usually, when I get that 'warm glow' inside it means I'm coming down with flu. LOL

  3. I know that feeling well Dawn from the days when the farmer and I farmer - it is so satisfying.

  4. I just love this time of year and it's great to see that you have early everything sorted out to see you over the Winter.


  5. Looks like you are quite ready for a very deep winter indeed.

  6. A smallholding is turning into a farm, Dawn!


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