Monday 1 October 2018

Farming Year Rolls On

Harvesting has been in full swing here, anything we that is not coming into the kitchen is used for feeding livestock, the pumpkins this year were fab
 Our biggest one was a real bad boy and weighed in at 74lb, I was only growing normal everyday sized ones, a bit for us and the rest will go to animal fodder then this one just kept going.
 Red cabbages have also been doing really well we have eight decent sized ones and these two big ones who weighed in at 8lb, Tess was sulking because I wouldn't let her eat them, pickled red cabbage is on the go and this week there will be braised red cabbage on the menu a few times.
 Boy these chilies are hot they are Ghost Chilies and even handling them I wear gloves, some get added to sauces and i have these hanging up drying,

Tomatoes I have never had such a fantastic harvest of tomatoes, so far I have picked roughly 80lb so there is lots of tomato processing happening.
A dozen jars of a basic tomato sauce, a dozen jars of tomato based BBQ sauce, a dozen jars of spicy tomato sauce, the store cupboards are brimming over  and I am running low on canning jars.

 I picked sloes yesterday for Martin to do his sloe gin with, again sloes are in abundance this year we might even collect a second lot and do a double batch.
Turkeys are growing well, there run and house is all set up, wood chips have been put down to give them a mud free area
There house has roosts for them and there feeder and water is also kept in there, window has been reinforced and the whole house has been tied down so it wont go over in storms. 
The calves Percy and Lily are growing well, we have our first TB testing in a few weeks, the calves will be tested as well as they are over the age of 6 weeks, we have been getting them use to going through the cattle crush in preparation. 
The weather is still being kind to us, lovely dry sunny days this means we can get lots done outside preparing for the coming winter.



  1. We are having a good spell of weather, which gives us time to sort before the winter months, our harvest of tomatoes and chilies have been great this year, but with less plants than you we had a much smaller harvest. Glad to see your livestock improving and growing, good luck with the TB testing.

  2. What a splendid harvest you have had Dawn. I am sure you are really proud of it.

  3. Wow what a harvest haul! That pumpkin is huge!

  4. What a wonderful harvest you've had. I don't think I have ever had a tomato plant that gave us more than a dozen tomatoes so I am quite envious of your harvest of those.


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