Wednesday 16 May 2018

Just Kidding Around

Kidding is now finished for this year
5 Does 3 Billys.
For Helen it will be her last kidding
 Things were not going well when she started to kid on Thursday and I had to call the vet out, she was bleeding a lot and kids were not coming.
It was a horrific delivery her kids had badly presented and the blood was coming from a tear in her uterus, she was going down hill quickly and once the kids were out the vet told me she wasn't going to make it and it would be better to put her to sleep, I wasn't ready to give up and asked them to do a hysterectomy, to be told they don't do them on goats but I pushed for it, Sam the vet phoned ahead to the vet centre and they got theatre ready for her, Helen and kids were bundled into the back of my car and they were waiting at the door for her when we arrived, Colostrum had already been milked off and the nurse took the kids for a feed, Helen was taken straight into theatre. I got a call a few hours later she had come through the operation and come round from the anaesthetic, she had a 10 inch tear in her uterus and lost a lot of blood, they kept the little family in overnight and I collected them in the morning,
 Kids in a crate with Helen in the back of the car.
 Once home they were settled into there own little stall away from interference from any curious kids.
Helen was on a lot of pain relief she had a very big incision, top up feeds had to be given to the kids so they didn't become too hungry and start butting her for feeds.
 Enid and the other kids were very curious what was happening in the stall, but they were sent away and would just have to wait to meet the new arrivals.
 1 doe 1 billy who took to there new bed under a heat lamp so mum could rest up and recover.
 Sunday evening saw the arrival at last for Connies triplets all a good size 2 billys and 1 doe no complications.
 Monday we got all the pens cleaned out the new mums were bedded down on lots of clean straw with there kids
 and Helen got moved into a new pen in the main part of the goat house so everyone could meet her kids.
and Tuesday Helen got to go outside first time post op and her kids got to enjoy the sunshine for the first time, Friday we will take her to get her stitches out. She is managing very well with the kids and is being a good mum.


  1. Dawn they are all so lovely so glad you stuck to your guns about Helen.Rose.

  2. Well done for making the right decision and nursing her back to health. I knew if anyone could get her to survive, it would be you! You have kids coming out of your ears this year!

  3. You take great care of your animals! Thank you.

  4. Poor Helen, if only she knew you saved her. Bless, well done Dawn, all the kids look lovely. Tx

  5. So glad all are okay. I sure do miss kids at our place. We used to bring them into the house so they could play with the dogs (and us too).

  6. What a lovely story! I'm glad you persisted with the hysterectomy - a good decision. (Wonder why it's not the norm to perform these ops on goats tho?)

  7. Good result, you are so good with your animals.

  8. Dawn, this was such a great post to read. I'm so glad you made that decision for Helen...what a sweet little animal she is. I would have done the same thing. The kids all look great!

  9. So happy to read that Helen and her babies are doing OK. Good for you to insist on hysterectomy, you are very caring of your animals.
    They are all very lucky to be with you and your husband.

  10. Glad to hear everything turned out okay. Lovely pictures.

  11. Let's hope Helen has many years of nannying rather than mothering left after these kids are weaned x


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