Friday 16 February 2018

Lots Going On

There has been a lot going on around the Ranch
 Frasier has moved out to his own paddock and bachelor pad
 He needed a friend of his own kind, so yesterday we headed out to collect Johnny, Fraiser was overjoyed with his room mate and the two of them gallop around the field
under the supervision of Odd Job
There is lots of activity in the Alpaca field 
yesterday the fencers arrived and set to work setting in posts
The big Alpaca field is being divided up into 4 paddocks, we can then rotate them and rest in between.
The sheep have been moving paddocks every week
once the fencing is done e are moving them into the big field were there will be plenty of space for them and grass for a good while.
The Architect has been out to discuss the building work we want to do, fingers crossed the kitchen will be done before the end of summer.
Thats it for now I need to catch up on some blogs.





  1. Oh I love that Frasier has a friend after what he has been through.
    It looks a lovely day there on the ranch.

  2. Johnny is a handsome chappie. Looking forward to seeing the building work.

  3. Busy as ever Dawn, so glad Frazer is doing well.

  4. So glad Frasier is doing well and he and his buddy look to be enjoying themselves. Everything is looking great.

  5. So wonderful to see Frazier back up and in good form! And congrats on your fencing project, having separate paddocks will be lovely.
    Thanks for letting us know about his recovery, and having never seen water buffalo before, I find them quite charming.

  6. Indeed lots going on and great to see Frasier getting out and about!

  7. I have missed so much of the goings on at your small holding having been away from blogs for some time, so it is good to catch up and to know that you have lots of good things going on. I am back a bit now by the way.

  8. Oh, I'm glad for the update on Frasier! He looks great! :)

  9. So nice to see Frasier looking healthy again. And now he has a buddy, good on you!!


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