Thursday 1 February 2018

Dancing The Conga

That is what Frasier is doing
 After the first week working with rachet straps to get Frasier hoisted up we invested in an electric winch 
 we would roll him on his side do some physio on his legs, 
get the sling under him ( an adapted builders bag)
 attached the ropes that fed through the pulley's
 some of Martin's climbing gear was put to use to take up the slack ( I think they are called Jumars )
then the winch is attached and up he goes,
we would raise up enough so he could take weight on his feet
This whole process would take a couple of hours a time all other jobs were put on the back burner as we worked on average 6 hours a day with him and it was a two person job.
 we were doing this 3 times a day
 helping him to balance
 even the dogs were there to offer moral support
 we noticed something wrong with his front left leg the vet came and confirmed he had injured his shoulder probably at the time of the seizure all we could do was keep working with him and give physio.
 over the last few days we have been releasing the tension off the sling so he supports himself
 each time he would stand a little longer and even attempt a few steps.
Frasier on the morning of day 12 video
Then last night he got to his feet by himself a little wobbly but he did it, he hobbled around a bit then went down
 This morning he has got himself up several times 
Frasier has turned a big corner and all being well we will let him out into the paddock at the week end.


  1. So pleased it's a hard time when your animals are sick, and at this time of year it's even harsher.

  2. That's brilliant Dawn, all your hard work has paid off.

  3. What a good thing Water Buffaloo don't have the same death wish as goats and sheep. Whenever we had one go down it was usually the end as they always seemed to give up

  4. I hope one summer's day very soon you be sitting in the sunshine eating your own bread, your own tomatoes and basil and your very own mozzarella and toasting Frasier and remembering what he put you through one cold wet January. Here's to his continuing recovery.

  5. I am delighted to read the Frasier has turned a corner.

  6. I'm so happy to hear Frasier is doing much better. Your dedication to the health and welfare of your animals is to be commended. So many people are quick to put an animal down if it's going to be a bother to care for them.

  7. So happy to hear that Frasier is coming along now thanks to your wonderful care of him.

  8. Yes!! So glad that your Frasier is doing better. You both look after your animals so lovingly.

    God bless.

  9. Yay for Frasier! You two are marvels, what a great job taking care of him.

  10. What a lucky buffalo to have dedicated owners like you and Martin. Well done for giving him the chance to recover, I fear some would not have bothered!

  11. That's brilliant news and without you two, I'm sure it might have been a different ending. I hope his shoulder improves quickly and he realizes he can use that leg properly again.

  12. Oh dear...I had read the posts about the poly tunnel but had bypassed all the other commotion you've been going through....hopefully now February is here things will improve...x

  13. Oh...he is a little wobbly in that video and the poor thing tumbling over at the end! I'm so glad to hear he's getting up on his own! My heart goes out to him and to you Dawn...for all you and your clan is doing to help the little fella! xx

  14. So please Frasier is doing well. You and Martin must have the magic touch with animals, first Tess & now Frasier.

  15. Dawn Hi, Read your blog every day from across the pond in Tennessee. What caused Frasier to have a seizure? Are water buffalo prone to seizures or did he have a infection that caused it? What do you intend to do, breed a small herd of water buffalos or are you looking for mainly for milk products. It is very impressive what you and Martin have be able to accomplish in a short amount of time. Really enjoy your blog's varied and twisting journeys.
    Regards Alvin 45

  16. A fortunate animal to have people who will so hard for him.


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