Monday 15 May 2017

Three Wheels On My Wagon

We were singing that song yesterday on our way home,
Starting at the beginning, when Martin came home on Thursday he told me he had bought a boat and Sunday we were going to pick it up from Rhyll.
After doing the morning chores we got the dogs into the car and headed up north to Rhyll.
We stopped off at Bala lake to let the dogs stretch there legs and have a comfort break, 
We got to Rhyll just after 1pm bought the boat and got back on the road for 2-30, we were taking a slighter longer route home easier for towing the boat, 30mins into the journey and we had an incident a double blow out of tyres on the trailer ripping off the wheel guard on the drivers side  as we went along a busy dual carriage way.
Martin pulled over and had to attempt to get the wheels off and get a spare on, scary stuff as he was crouched down in the inside lane and the traffic was speeding by, I was standing at the back of the trailer so I could shout to Martin to get out of the way of lorries, it was a terrifying moment, a police car was coming and I thought it would stop  but no just sailed on by, eventually Martin got a spare wheel on and we got back on the road, 2 wheels on one side and one on the other.
We got all home safe and sound at about 7-30pm
What a day but now boat owners 
Martin did a boat handling course the other week following on from his diving course and passing the exams.
Soon we can head out sea and fingers crossed add fish and shellfish  to the freezer.
I wave a hello to Sue from New Life in the Country as we went past the gate. 
We were lucky we had fab weather for our day out and saw some lovely scenery but it was with relief when we got home again.






  1. Oh my! That was an adventure, although not the kind anyone wants to make a habit of! Glad all is safe. Good thing you have two tires on each side.

  2. How exciting! Love the idea of adding shellfish to the menu.

  3. I see lots of fun in your summer Dawn-x-

  4. Goodness, I bet it was scary. Darent show hubby your Rib he wants one but all the good ones are miles away. I remember visiting Ryhl as a child with my school when I lived in Liverpool.

  5. A great addition to help in the smallholding lifestyle and what a fab toy too :D

  6. We had a blow out on a trailer when we were towing one of the Marcos cars...not a pleasant experience. A double blow out must have been extremely scary. Glad no-one was hurt. Jx

  7. How scary and thank goodness you had spares with you xx

  8. Nice one. Love fresh fish. Not too keen on it pickled. hope you are keeping well.

    Pattypan xx


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