Wednesday 24 May 2017

Hop Hop And Away

With sunny days and a rise in temperatures,
 everything is growing skywards,
 The Hop root I planted last month has taken off and is now on its journey climbing up the back of the shed.
 The cut flower beds are full of promise, the Lilies are shooting up
 The Gladioli are all up with the flowers forming the tell tale sign is the crinkle in the main shoot.
 The Dahlias are forming lovely strong clumps
 Tomatoes are now coming into flower
 every few days I am taking off lots of side shoots, these tomatoes are cordons so its important I don't miss any.
 The flower borders in the garden are full of blooms.
Today I made a new run for the teenage chicks giving them a bit more space, these are the first hatching's of this year, now off heat, tomorrow there little house and run will get moved down beside the adult chickens, a chance to get to know each other, in a few weeks they will be moving in with the adult chickens.
The weather has been brilliant the bit of rain we had didn't get all the IBC tanks filled and now they are running low again, but there is plenty there for the animals who need there water topping up a couple of times a day when its hot like this.
But good weather means plenty of jobs gt caught up outside, you have to make hay while the sun shines. 🌞🌞🌞


  1. Hi Dawn :)
    I love seeing the progress of your garden. How nice to see the tomato plants flowering! Mine are a little while away from that just yet. But the weather here is slowly warming up. :) The chicken run looks great! Question from a newbie...your hop root is climbing...I will be planting some climbing flowers and I was wondering, if I put up a trellis, will they just climb on their own or do they need a little nudging?

  2. Lovely to have a flower section of the garden. I love flowers but restrict myself to a bunch on pension pay day.

  3. Oh your toms are looking great Dawn. Wonderful to have glads growing, they are such an impressive looking flower anyway but to have grown them yourself is fab. Will you make some beer with the hops?

  4. Your lupins look gorgeous, whenever I've grown them they always seem to revert to pink and then get mildew. Maybe it's too dry in suffolk

  5. Everything is starting to come on great guns isn't it? Love looking round your spot, thanks for sharing


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