Sunday 3 February 2013

Meat and Hides

Today a lovely road kill was found, Chinese Water Deer, that is the one with the tusks,
 All the meat was taken off after skinning that we could use, I have worked out there is about 20 meals for the 2 of us from it, so that has now taken up the space in the freezer, which this week I have been trying to use up stuff from so I could give it a good clean out, so that is now put on the back burner, the skin I am going to attempt to cure and then it can be put to some use, don't know what yet.

so the first step was laying it out flesh side up and rubbing cooking salt into it making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies and right up to the edges.

then fold the flesh sides together, it will then be left for a week with a tray underneath to catch any liquid that drains off.
so next week will be the next stage of my tanning exercise. the whole process is going to take about 3 weeks, I have got a tanning kit at the ready, I bought it a few months ago in readiness for when we manage to get a hide.


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