Monday 28 January 2013


Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh we have had some of the white stuff, I enjoy snow, everything goes quiet, its like mother nature has come along and wrapped everything up in a big white fluffy duvet, it all looks clean and bright, the garden birds come along and feed at the table and I put out extra feeds for them all, the bird table is right outside the window, so I can watch there comings and goings from the warmth of the kitchen.
The bees seem to cope well with the snow and this year we noticed on the top bar hives where the colony were grouped together the heat generated melted the snow

On the national hives the snow had dipped in a bit but not melted away
The chooks didn't escape the beauty of cold snap either, there house was decorated with a lovely display of icicles
the cold snap didn't last too long and after 10 days the rain came and washed it all away until next time.

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