Sunday 10 February 2013

Growing Year Gets on the Way

Its time to get some of the seeds started, although I am reluctant to do too much, as this year we are hoping to move to pastures new, the house is on the market and I don't really want to fill the garden with loads of stuff for some-one else, so a lot of this years growing is going to be done in containers, We will still get veg in the ground but not as much as we do normally.
We are still harvesting leeks and Kale and the winter cabbage and broccoli are not far off ready to harvest, then it will be the spinach.

In the greenhouse I have got started some Broad Beans and trays of Salad leaves, also some Basil, Coriander a few toms, Aubergine and Peppers, the chillies we overwintered and wont be growing more this year, we also have some carrots come on in a container.
Potatoes are Chitin, I am trying Stevia the sweetener again, the Garlic that was planted in October is coming on well and I put some in containers to grow as well as in the ground. I am trailing some mushrooms kits as well.
When its pouring with rain outside there is nothing better than pottering in a warm greenhouse.

The second greenhouse has been used to overwinter the citrus trees and tender plants and its all looking well, I did also pot up some strawberry runners to take with us when we move, if I keep them in the greenhouse we might just get a few early strawberries from them this spring.
I have also planted a Rhubarb crown in a pot.

We haven't decided what to plant up in the tunnel yet, again I am reluctant to put anything in the ground, its going to be hard leaving the greenhouses and the tunnel behind all the water barrels compost bins sheds and chicken run, but it means we can start a fresh again. All we need to do is find a buyer.

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