Monday 15 December 2008

Being Wiped out bugs

Yesterday I was totally knocked off my feet with this flu/cold bug that's going round, I was feeling so rough, but kept dosing myself up with tablets, Vit C and lots of hot ginger drinks, today I am feeling a lot better I have the sniffles and little sore throat but apart from that compared to yesterday I feel great.
Got loads done this morning, washing, ironing, cleaned the oven, stripped down the hob and extractor all the bits are in the dishwasher, of course because I use the hob to boil my kettle after running Grand son to school I found I couldn't make a cuppa because all the bits are in the dishwasher, then I remembered the good old microwave, it took a couple of mins to boil the water, but it did the job.
Going to get dinner on now, we seemed to have accumulated a lot of venison in the freezer, so I am sticking a joint in the slow cooker with a load of veg that need using up from the fridge, I am going to try and use the slow cooker a lot more that I do, I came across a great blog full of slow cooker recipes
so I think I am going to become a regular visitor.
Well its Christmas next week and I still have a few pressie to finish off so I better get a move on .

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