Tuesday 14 September 2021

Cheese and Pickle


I do enjoy making pickles, there is such a variety out there to do, but we haven’t really been eating a lot of them, 
Because they are stored in cupboards out in the barn so they tend to get forgotten about, once the new kitchen is done that will change, having a pantry will mean everything will be at hand.
I used some of the purple cauliflower to make an Old English Mixed Pickle, cauliflower, gherkins and shallots, it looks so pretty. 

To go with the pickles, you need cheese, , I have been having a bit of a cheese making session from our goats milk,

They should be ready for eating at Christmas.
I have done a video showing the process, pop over and have a look, and if you hit like and subscribe you won’t miss any of my future videos.


  1. Dawn - Once upon a time in Monterey California, there was a self-styled English pub that served what the called English Ploughman's Lunch which included pickled onions and cheese. I have no idea if it was truly authentic English Ploughman's fare, but it started a love affair with pickled onions and cheese that has not stopped in 30+ years.

    1. nothing beats a lovely crunchy pickled onion


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