Sunday 19 September 2021

All New Stuff

 Yes a new look to the blog 

Not just a new look but up the top you can find new links 

To our YouTube channel we’re there is lots of videos from Stickle Tarn including Vlog 001 our first vlog giving a snapshot of some of the things that have taken place through the week. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe to the channel then you won’t miss anything.

My You Tube

Don’t want to go through the link here is the Vlog 001 

Also a link to Stickle Tarns Facebook page for those of you who like to follow on social media.

Stickle Tarn Facebook

A link to my craft blog that will also be overhauled in the next few days

Craft Blog

And a big NEW yes a new blog that is following our building works here at Stickle Tarn.

Building Work

What else is new well Mia had a new Birthday, she is now 11 years old although sometimes it’s like she is only 1

I have some new trees to plant this coming week, Monkey Puzzle Trees, Scots pine saplings 30 of them, and some Elephant Grass.

I had a go at canning a few new recipes, Tomato based pasta sauce and a Tomato based BBQ sauce, We have done well this year for tomatoes.

I did do a video on making the pasta sauce you can see it on my channel or just view it here

I also tried a new recipe from the Amish Canning Book 

Stewed beef and vegetables

That’s it for today I hope you enjoy all the new stuff


  1. Looks good! I love all the ways you share what you're doing, especially the vlog. I hope it does well!

  2. Hurrah Dawn! I shall try to endeavor to follow the vlog (for some reason, visuals never work as well for me as reading).

  3. I envy you your tomatoes. We got blight and lost all but three red cherry tomatoes and and a couple of green ones which we had fried - love fried green tomatoes. I had great plans for preserving our tomatoes for the winter but they will have to wait for another year.

  4. Looks like you have been busy. We sadly had a bad tomato year, plus most of the garden. The hot peppers did great, but that was it. 7 bell peppers for the year and that is sad. Glad to see you had a great year.


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