Tuesday 24 August 2021

The Big Courgette Glut

 It’s full on harvest time here at Stickle Tarn, the rewards for all the hard work and preparation that went in at the start of spring, of course this means gluts of many things 

The past few weeks has seen me working through some of those gluts

Courgettes otherwise know as Zucchini 

We all have gluts of those, even though I kept to one plant this year there has still been a glut.

But and it’s a big But I have managed to keep on top of them this year

Shredded up and frozen for using during the winter months, I do find shredding, leaving to drain and squeezing out as much moisture as possible in a clean cloth makes them more user friendly upon defrosting.
Making up courgette fritters mixture and freezing, when I don’t have the time to cook up batches to freeze having the mixture made up helps keep the glut under control.

Chocolate courgette cake one of our favourites, moist chocolate cake , once cooled it’s sliced and frozen, easy to take out a few slices to have with an afternoon cuppa.

Thick creamy courgette soup, soup is a staple in this house, wet miserable days, cold days there is always a soup available in the freezer , just a great warming easy lunch. Even better sprinkled with some chopped crispy bacon or chorizo.
Batches of spicy courgette fritters made frozen and separated with grease proof paper, then what is needed can be taken out , they are a great side with curry, 

Then of course there is also courgettes marmalade, I haven’t made any this year as we still have some from last year, courgette gummies, they were also a big hit, cubed up and roasted with other veg and herbs, spiralized and used instead of pasta, but nothing beats thinly sliced courgette fried in garlic and olive oil.

If you do a search on my blog for courgettes you will find recipes and other suggestions for using up courgettes
Would love to know what everyone else does with there gluts.?

PS have you seen the new page added to the blog?


  1. When we next come back to Wales, we will come and visit, I would love to see all your changes and growth in your wonderful world.

  2. Love all your zucchini uses. Have you tried zucchini pineapple? It really does taste like pineapple!!

  3. I sometimes make zucchini pizza. Saute, in over proof skillet, grated zucchini and onions till a bit dry. Season, top with tomato sauce or sliced tomatoes and mozzarella. Brown in oven.


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