Sunday 15 August 2021

I Need To Make More Of An Effort

 Seriously I don’t know we’re the time goes , every day When pottering around I think to myself I must do a blog post on that and before I know it it’s another day, I also think to myself I have blogged about that before, don’t think any would be interested in it again but I am aware there is lots of new people out there who might not want to trawl through 8 years of blog post .

The answer of course is to keep blogging and if it’s repeated stuff so be it or smallholding calander has lots of repeats and most of the time it’s tweaked to suit what else is going on.

I am also building up my You Tube Channel so be warmed there is going to be lots of links in future posts to You Tube. 

Building work is painfully slow, hitting rock bed that took two weekends just to dig out a corner.

Ripping out the sewerage pipe was not on the agenda and an emergency repair further delay things, followed by shorting out all the electric for the house.

Now we are ready to do the return the digging is getting easier, but slow progress as we know this we’re the mains water is.

But progress may be slow but it’s still progress, II have gained a new bin cupboard just across from the back door that holds all ours bins, no more going out to the drive and more Paige raiding bins.

My BIL Sid built it for me.

Who would have thought you could get so excited about a bin cupboard, I love it.still needs another coat of stain, it holds our recycling stuff, general rubbish, the ash bin and the bin for glass.and the household compost bucket.With separate lift up lids.

The cladding has also been finished on Martin’s workshop the wood store and meat preparation area.

It’s looking very smart, we still need to set up rain water catchment, it’s no nice to step out the door and see finished projects.makes you feel like you are getting some where.

Some of the shale that has been dug out of the footings has been used to make a floor tampered down with a wacking plate, means it will drain and is a nice even surface to walk on. Electric strip lighting and power sockets have been installed.

When the old kitchen is ripped out, some will be repurposed here, the sink will be connected up to the water supply, storage cupboards and work surface for preparation. We also going to fit the smoker in here and put an external vent pipe on it.

The main use of the air is some where we can hang meat carcasses ready for preparation with good air flow and water and we can close it off from the dogs.

Above the wood store is a mezzanine floor with a stair case leading up, it’s wear I can store fleeces and store vegetables.I have two storage racks up there.

It has all be insulated and clad on the inside making it a very pleasant area.

Long term plan will be to all the outside area leading from the house down to here will be hard standing.

The rest of the shale we are digging out from the footings is being repurposed in gate ways and a track going across the fields.

That’s it for today I promise I will be back soon.


  1. I feel the same on my blog, my garden is small and how many photos do you need, but each month/year there are changes. Its good to look back, and people still make comments. I think we over think our blogs, we want real life rather than the perfect worlds on other social media.

    1. Mine are defiantly real life warts and all

  2. I often write similar blogs and try not to be a one trick pony and write about other things that interest me and may interest my blog readers. Good to read your making much progress.

  3. Dawn, I for one love posts even if they are "the same". Sometimes seeing things year after year give a sense of how things flow together in a way individual posts do not.

    The workshop looks amazing!

  4. It's looking good Dawn. Progress. Bet you can't wait for it all to be done.

    1. I am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel

  5. I like YouTube so look forward to seeing your vlogs there. xx

    1. You can find it here

  6. I like to hear what your doing, your living the life I would liked to live but as a carer to hubby I had to give up the allotments. I have bought a couple of small citrus plants and wondered how you overwintered yours . I have an unheated green house would they be ok in there?

    1. They will overwinter fine in an U.K. heated greenhouse, keep them on the dry side and it helps to wrap the pots in cardboard or bubble wrap to prevent the roots from freezing.


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